Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Weekend Blessings

 I've had one of those weekends that is almost too good to be true!  One of those weekends when the Lord sweetly showered simple blessings that He knew I would love! 
Mr. Cozy was off all weekend long!!!
This is a first since Christmas, and it was much needed for the two of us to relax and do things like eating big breakfasts at home and going to church together.  He completes our home! 
His brother and parents came to visit! 
We've missed the family so much and LOVE when they come to stay.  I'm so happy to have loved ones in our home. 
We had our first big snow!!! 
A first in our new cozy cottage!  I can't believe my husband was home (yay!) and it snowed for days (that's a rarity in Ky.) and we have a fireplace to enjoy and family to enjoy it all with us!!  My heart sings. 
I was so excited that I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed quite early Friday morning.  I was laying in my soft, warm bed for a while just thanking the Lord for this moment.  Being in bed in the morning with my husband doesn't happen often-- he wakes so early for work-- and knowing that it's snowing outside and our windows probably have frost on them gives me joy.  My mind was reeling with possibilities of the upcoming day, and I thought that I might was well go downstairs and savor the moment with a cup of coffee.
I left the hubs in the bed where he needed to be and catch up on sleep while I started the caramel macchiato flavored coffee, turned on the fireplace, and lit candles in my new lanterns on the mantle for the ultimate cozy winter morning. 
The glow was beautiful in the dark house. 
The beginnings of a chilly sunrise gives the trees a silhouette so beautiful and gives me a reminder that every day is new with the Lord.  His mercies are new this morning on this snowy winter day.  
 I think this photo was actually taken Thursday, but like I said, it basically snowed off and on all weekend long!  Last year where we lived got absolutely no snow all winter.
:(  Winter darkness and cold without snow just isn't the same, so this snowfall was quite a treat! 
Fluffy flakes dance to the ground. 
When family or friends come to visit, I get out the baking good and get to work on a luscious dessert.  It's just one of the ways I show love
Company = Homemade Dessert.  Period.
I made something incredibly decadent this time, and we all loved them. 
Chocolate Chip-Fudge Brownies with Cappuccino Frosting! 
I'll post the recipe soon and you will be sending me thank you cards and flowers for the frosting! ;)
There was lots of excitement including highlights of driving in a blizzard (no-joke, in fact it wasn't funny at the time!), dinner at our favorite German restaurant with my In-Loves, these brownies, Downton Abbey movie night, sleeping in with my hubby, snow flakes sticking to the windows, both of us singing in the ensemble at church, and family time. 
I'm not good at naming just a few things when there are so many wonderful things to be thankful for!  February has had a wonderful start, and I'm expecting good things from God all month long! 
Home and family is where my heart is ..... 
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Bernideen said...

You know - I felt all warm and fuzzy just reading this. I love a snowy day where everything "comes to a halt" and the fire is going! There's nothing better!

elizabeth said...

What a sweet post, Leslie, and what a sweet comment you left on my gratitude post. Won't it be wonderful that us Jesus followers will have eternity to be together, even if we never meet face to face in this life.
I do agree with you that we have lots in common.
Yes, my oldest daughter and her hubs tried to have babies for over ten years. Three times, when they did conceive, then they would miscarry. Finally, they got pregnant with our miracle girl. At 24 weeks an ultrasound showed my daughter's uterus was funneling, so she was rushed to the hospital with the best neonatal unit in the city. They told her she was going to have a severly premature baby. In a miraculous turn of events, they found she was not have any contractions at all and was a candidate to be stitched closed, which usually is done way, way earlier. So, she carried full term. Then in delivery, she started to bleed seriously, so ended up having an emergency c-section. So, our beautiful baby girl is indeed a miracle girl! THEN, with NO medical help and NO complications, they had another sweet baby girl three years later. So the girls are now almost four and just turned one. Wow, longest comment ever, huh?

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful weekend. The snow is so pretty. Your house is so charming.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a lovely weekend! Snow, food, family, cuddles and nice! :)


ML said...

Beautiful post warm with blessings! Snowflakes go with everything! So glad I stopped by - it was a treat!

CaySera said...

What a beautiful house you the snowy pictures and look forward to the cupcakes recipe !
I am giving away a lovely family CookBook this month . For a chance to win. Enter here.

Maria said...

Your blog name is so fitting, Leslie, because all your pictures, baking and posts are always so cozy! And that brownie frosting sounds out of this world delicious!!!