Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Change is in the Air

Sipping my cinnamon coffee from a styrofoam cup since it's packing day!

Today is a big day.  The relocation company is here packing literally our whole house around me!  I am so crazy grateful that we don't have to pack ourselves for the first time ever.  What has always taken us about 1 month is taking them one day, which is impressive.   I've had a health issue come up recently that had made this blessing a gift straight from God for me to be able to just direct them without helping at all.  This is the 6th move in our marriage, so I am very accustomed to what is required to pack our house, therefore it makes this treat of somebody else doing the work even sweeter!  

It's been a while since I've written because my life HAS NOT STOPPED in several weeks.  I can't wait to sit a bit and share more with you all!!  

But 'til then, here's just a peek of our new home (taken in early spring).  We're getting the spacious yard we've always wanted!

Change is in the air for the real-life cozy little kitchen so look out for more of our new house in the country!