Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I'm Thankful For This Year

November is one of the best months of the year, in my opinion! 
There is the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.  That begins the starting of bits of Christmas music and commercials here and there.  The raunchy horror movies are off t.v and the more uplifting, wholesome family flicks begin to fill the channels. It finally is getting truly cold enough to wear my sweaters and favorite coats when I go out and to have the fire going in the fireplace, not just early in the morning or late at night!  Just the thought that I will be making and eating some of the best food of the year this month, and I usually see my family more this month with Thanksgiving on the way....the list could go on and on....(and so could my run-on sentences.  Sorry!)
One of the main reasons I love this month so much, is that there is a focus on thankfulness.  So important!  I'm incredibly grateful to God for every single blessing I have! I am overwhelmed this year by His grace and mercy in my life.  I have anything at all, not because I've done all the right things, but because God loves me (and you)! He is so good!  He is faithful!
In this post I'm going to try my best to narrow my thankfulness list to 30 things, one for each day of the month.  Big and small, blessings come in many forms:
1. First, I have to say I'm the very most thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ!  He is everything.  He's the reason I have joy, even at times when I shouldn't.  He is my Saviour, and He has and will always walk with me through everything every day of my life!  Because of my salvation through Jesus, I have confidence that this life is only a small part of the big picture of eternity.  Heaven is my HOME. Thank you, Lord!
2. I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEE my husband!  I am ridiculously thankful that I married him and no one else.  We fit in each other's pockets perfectly.  We are continuing to love and grow together in life.  He is the best person to walk through life with.  Ever!
3. We have a baby girl in Heaven--Bailey Faith-- that I will meet one day!!!!  One might think this only could bring sorrow, but the loss of her on earth is very temporary compared to eternity!  She still gives us so much joy! 
4. "We are FAMILY!"  That's right, I am incredibly thankful for my family!!! It just starts with my husband, but continuing from there I have the best parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins...etc.  Lol, it's a big family and we're very close-knit!  I love to talk to them and see them and be with them!  I miss them all like crazy since we live away. My family is a huge blessing.  I didn't choose by family, but God did,  thank you, Jesus!  This also goes to the family I married in to, which I consider my own!
5. This year I've began to live my dream as a "homemaker".  Domestic goddess, Household get the picture!   I'm able to stay home and put more love into nesting our home for us!  I am less stressed, more rested, and better organized than I ever have been!  My husband is so supportive, and he works hard so I don't have to.  I feel honored to get to make him supper at night and give him the attention he needs.
6. That brings me to be unbelievably thankful for my hubby's very hard work paid off, for he has graduated from the beast called medical school!!!  Graduation day was one of the best days in our married life!  He gets a steady pay check, and we have good benefits!  I only share that because first time in our married life (well, life ever) that we have a steady income!  This is life changing for us.  I don't take this for granted, because in this economy so many people have lost their jobs.  I truly feel for those people.  That's one area in our life that is now constant and predictable, for once.  Ha!
7. God using our voices and talents for Him!  This year, I was asked a few times to lead worship back at our home church!  This brings so much fulfillment to my heart that nothing else can satisfy!  I love to sing, but even more I love to do worship!!  God is good to let me be a part of ministry in this way for most of my life.
8. Our house!  We bought our first house this year!!!  This is a huge Thank-you!  It's my little dream cottage.  There's more on this to come...
9. My sister married an amazing man who is perfect for her!  I love every minute of planning, showers, destination wedding and reception.  He is a blessing to our family!
10. My fireplace giving me cozy warmth on chilly days!  That was one thing I ask the Lord for in our house hunting!
11. The dining room of my dreams....that was another thing.  I don't have a big house, but I couldn't love one any more than this! 
12. Trees in the fall that turn vivid red and yellow in our yard!
13. Heath is getting off for Christmas this year----Wahooo!!! This is an answer to prayer.  We've missed some holidays this year, but we won't miss this one!
14. A wonderful inexpensive trip to Chicago!  We had the best time, and it was our first time to go there together!  
15. Oh!  Heath getting his #1 choice for residency program---a true answer to prayer!
16. Healing Granny from a terrible sickness that almost took her life last Spring.  God did a miracle in her body!  That brings me to how very blessed we are that both my husband and I still have all of our grandparents here with us!
17. All our family have jobs in this bad economy.  God has given us the wisdom and endurance to get through some thinly stretched times.
18. Early morning times with Jesus.  Now I have time to wake up, just stare at the fire and sip a steamy cup of coffee.  That brings me to another thing I'm thankful for, coffee! :)
19. The ability to buy the groceries I need even when things like coffee have really shot up in price.  I've been thinking about that this week.  What a blessing to be able to cook meals every night!
20. I have a beautiful, safe neighborhood to walk in.
21. Reuniting with our church family here in Louisville.  They are a blessing to us!!! 
22.  MSU basketball team did so well, and we were able to see a game with friends at the new Yum center in Louisville before we moved here!  Go Racers!
23.  Christmas!!! :)
24. Our cars have survived another year.  That's a blessing, can I get an Amen!?!
25. My chubby pumpkin and mum on my front stoop that makes my home look like the happy house it is. :)
26. The discovery of Mud Hen Bars.  You're welcome!
27. Having warm socks and things to put on when I'm cold.  So many people don't. :(
28.  I'm very thankful (why haven't I already said this?) for our good health and protection. I literally thank God for this every. single. day.  The Creator of the universe holds me in His hands. 
29.  I live in a state with 4 seasons to enjoy!
30.  I'm thankful that this year my eyes have opened up to even more of the goodness of God.  I appreciate even the smallest things more that I ever have.  My small joys in life makes it such a good one to live....
 What are you thankful for, Friends?
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krishna said...

very very nice story. it is very nice to read.
lots of hug.

Ali @ said...

Aw, this is such a sweet post :)

Deanna at Mirabelle Creations said...

Beautiful post, Leslie. Thank you so much for stopping by Mirabelle Creations and for you sweet words. So happy to have found your lovely blog!

elizabeth said...

What a lovely gratitude list! Have you read Ann Voskamp's 1000 gifts? I HIGHLY recommend it. Because of her, I've been keeping a gratitude journal for over three years...I'm on my way to having 3000 thanks listed. :)

Leslie said...

Thank you, Friends. What a delight it was to write all of this down and share God's goodness!

Elizabeth, I'm reading that book right now! My sister, Faith, just gave it to me as a thank you for throwing her shower. She loved it, and I do it. Really eye opening.:) Gratitude journaling is a remarkable idea!


Leslie said...

Hehe. I meant to say, "and I do too".

Blondie's Journal said...

This is a wonderful list that warms my heart. I am thankful for so many of the same things, big and small. Life is good, for both of us!


wendy said...

I am sooo excited you dropped by to visit my blog. I look forward to "getting to know you". I have found many great friends through blogging and have learned so much from all those I follow.

WOW...great gratitude list. I hope you didn't think I was anywhere "ungrateful" in my post you just read. I REJOICE too in all that I am blessed with.
Over the past 3 years there have been many many HARD changes in my life, and I am just trying to get my feet back under me.
New marriage...actually back with my high school sweetheart after a 40 year absence.
Moving away from my 5 children and grandchildren to be back in Canada.
Learning how to be a country girl...over a city girl who worked for a Judge for 10 years.
Of course, the death of my son.
Trying to make new friends.
You get the picture.

But those are just stepping stones and trials to becoming a stronger person.
How interesting that you had a child pass away too...little Bailey. Then, you have an understanding of my pain.

I was a Stay at Home Mom the whole time my 5 kids were growing up...then entered the business world.

I LOVE LOVE you little house. It is charming and I bet you just feel the warmth and love when you walk through your door.
My little country home is only 950 sq. feet.

Congrats on your hubby's ACCOMPLISHMENT.

It is good to sit and "count our blessings" and Write them down so they really become tangible.

Sorry, this got a little long.
THANKSGIVING has always been my favorite holiday (however in Canada it is celebrated on Oct. 10th)
BUT...I get to fly home to Utah and see all the kids and grandkids for Thanksgiving.
and THAT is a huge blessing

Dewena Callis said...

Loved reading your heartfelt list. You covered many of the things I'm thankful for, but I'll add a good night's sleep--when you get to be my age you'll understand how rare it can be! And what a difference it makes.

Saimi said...

Saw ya over at Wendy's blog, she's so wonderful as you can tell by her comment! It's good to reflect on the blessings in life so thank you for taking the time to share yours, I enjoyed reading them!!

Coffee Mom said...

Love this!! We have so much to be thankful for! God is good!!

Beth @A Little Country House said...

Precious to see the Lord blessing others, like you! Thanks for sharing Leslie.

Jen said...

Leslie, I'm thankful for your encouraging blog to read. I always feel so good to know there are others out there that love their maker and praise Him for BIG or small! Wishes to you and your family during this Thanksgiving season. A kindred soul in Tennessee~Jen

Jenn said...

Wow. You have had quite the year. Congrats on the hubby graduating from medical school!

Jen said...

Leslie - Your thankful list is a HUGE faith filler! How good and faithful is Our God! Thanks for visiting & sharing your exciting news on my blog! Blessings & abundant prayers to you & your husband! Your Newest Follower, Jen

Sue@sprucelakecottage said...

Thank you so much this made me sit and think how many things I need to be thankful for.

Denise said...

you have a bright personality. so refreshing.

i too have a lot to be thankful for. thanks for the reminder.

Lynn said...

Wow! What a wonderful post, and Congrats to your husband! I think I may do my own grateful list. I hope you have the best Holiday ever! To read how you love the Lord is so refreshing., God Bless, Hugs, Lynn

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Yay for uplifting, wholesome family movies beginning! :) Love seeing all your beautiful, wonderful gifts. HE is so good!!

elizabeth said...

It's election night and I'm watching the results come in while I'm clicking around blogland.
I love your thanksgiving list. You are a blessing!
Thanks for your sweet compliment on my home.

The Long Awaited Home said...

Leslie, what a beautiful post! You are so young to have so much wisdom! God bless you, your hubby, and your lovely home!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So much to be thankful for. Congrats to your hubby. How nice to be married to a cute doctor. Love your new home and hope you share more of it.