Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Excitement!

This morning is a very cold and frosty November day outside.  Last night we had the lowest temperatures this season!  I sit here warm under my blanket and in front of the fire with my coffee and my Beth Moore devotional Breaking Free Day by Day.  I truly need to have time with my Lord--my Friend--every morning!  There definitely are mornings that are busy and for whatever reason it doesn't happen, but when I don't make time to spend with Him I don't seem to be as equipped to face the day.  I'm more likely to let things get the best of me.  (It does happen!)  I find it so sweet to know that everyday He has a new anointing, a fresh outpouring of His Spirit for us!  The more time I spend with Him, the more my heart becomes like His... and I want His desires to become my own!
I'm so excited today!  
This weekend my immediate family is coming up to our house for Thanksgiving dinner!   They knew that we wouldn't be able to come home at all for Thanksgiving, so my parents said they would all come to our house the Saturday before because my husband will have time off this weekend!  They're basically bringing Thanksgiving to us!!!
For a family like mine, whose holidays--especially Thanksgiving and Christmas--are extremely set in a well-loved tradition, this is a huge gesture of thoughtfulness!  So my parents, my sister and her new hubby are coming to stay.  My brother lives here already, so it will be 7 that I'll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for--yay!!!  This will be my first time to cook a turkey, and while I've asked mom to still make her famous dressing and lemon cake, I'll be making all the other sides! Faith is bringing a pumpkin pie that I know will be delicious! 
I'm thrilled to do this. 
It's a busy week for me around here.  I've have my list going to deep clean the house, get out my "special dishes" and have them washed, decorate the table, make a huge grocery run, and prepare the delicious food we look forward to eating year after year!  We'll still celebrate the very same way as we do each year.  Going around to say what we thank God for this year happens right after dinner.  It's usually a sentimental time that recaps our year!  It also gives our tummies a few minutes to settle before filling them up again with mouth-watering desserts. We'll enjoy our pie and cake as we snuggle up in front of the fire and watch The Christmas Carol!!  These are traditions that have been alive almost as long as I remember!  
I feel as though I'm rambling a bit now, but I'm just typing with excitement in my hands.  God is good to provide a way when there seems to be no way! :o)  If I'm not around much this week, that is why!  I'll take pictures and be sure to share with you about the food and fun next week.  Please stay warm today and enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming holiday with joy in your heart!
I want to show you a special little Thanksgiving package my parents sent to me a few days ago!  It was waiting on my stoop for me to open the door and see it's brown paper package surprise!  Mom decorated the box by drawing precious pumpkins around the edges, so cute!!
How sweet of Mom to find these things she knew I would LOVE!!!  It was part of their "thank you" for us hosting Thanksgiving.  They didn't have to give us one thing, but their hearts said otherwise! 
Some of my favorite things:  The new Gooseberry Patch cookbook, The Harvest Table, which has the coziest cover and wonderful recipes inside! (I love that name, and perhaps if I ever had another blog I may use that!)  She also sent the cutest handmade turkey kitchen towel from a favorite local boutique.  This is so cute in my kitchen!!! Also a bag of fall candy to munch on while browsing through the new cookbook.  Yummy!
I can't thank Mom enough for this precious surprise!  She knows me all too well!!!
Enjoy this wonderful day!!!

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Carol Pirozek said...

Hi..I have just joined your blog and have enjoyed reading about your family coming for Thanksgiving~I hope you have a wonderful time!I love the Holidays and enjoy spending them with my daughter and her family~my 5 grandchildren!! Life is good. Bless you and yours!! Carol

Jen said...

Leslie, Sounds like it is going to be such a sweet weekend for you and your hubby. I cooked Thanksgiving here at our house last year and loved it. I also did the turkey and just in case you need a good turkey recipe I used Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa Roast Turkey with Truffle Butter

It was so moist and everyone loved it. Mama's already given me instructions to cook it again but to bring it to her house this year.

Loved the package your Mother sent to you. There is nothing so special as our loved ones. Enjoy your week in preparing and hosting this weekend. Love in Christ~Jen

The Long Awaited Home said...

Leslie, I am excited for you! It is so special to be planning your first Thanksgiving for family. I know it will be lovely. I love Beth Moore too, and I love spending my mornings with the Lord. God bless.


Maria said...

Hope you have fun getting ready for Thanksgiving! :o) What a sweet package, don't moms just send the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts? The kitchen towel is adorable!

Joyfull said...

I loved reading about your Thanksgiving, especially the gifts from your mom. They were great!

Coffee Mom said...

I've been enjoying that cookbook too! And I understand about that morning time with the Lord. I need it desperately. Love the candle in the sifter! Excited for you and your Thanksgiving plans! We too have out of town family coming in.

Dewena Callis said...

What a sweet mother! I know she's so proud of you for hosting the traditional dinner. We all have to pass the torch along when it's our turn.

elizabeth said...

I'm excited to read about your early Thanksgiving. I know you'll do a fabulous job!

Anne said...

So thrilled for you that you will have all your loved ones around you for Thanksgiving.



20 North Ora said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such precious traditions to experience each year? Thanksgiving is such a warm and cozy celebration with our family. I always fell so happy when we are all together and have so much to be thankful and grateful for.

Enjoy your family!!


Cindy said...

Looking forward to your Thanksgiving photos!

Lynn said...

Have a Wonderful Thanksgving! Can't waint to see pic's and see your table! Hugs, Lynn

Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch said...

How wonderful your family is still able to come and spend the Thanksgiving even if a bit early! What a cute little package! Finding something like that would make my day! Have a wonderful weekend with them!