Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sharing with You My Wonderful Weekend

Beautiful sunset over our "Shire".

Finally after at least a month, we got some rain this weekend.  A nice thunderstorm, in fact!  I can't help but to love waking up to a steady rain and rumbling thunder on mornings that I don't have to jump right out of bed and work.  My husband and I were both off this weekend and we had the best Saturday not doing much of anything(!!!) around the house.  Instead of mowing the yard and doing other previously planned things, all we did was watch our favorite movies, The Lord of the Rings and make yummy food! 

 Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of all of this, but for breakfast I made texas toast style, cinnamon & sugar french toast with homemade raspberry maple syrup!  Yummm!!!  I came up with this recipe, and I'll have to make it again just to tell you all about it. We slowly woke up while enjoying this with fluffy scrambled eggs and bacon.  Later that afternoon we enjoyed a good lunch of my homemade tomato soup with triple grilled cheese sandwiches  (OMG, good!)  See, we never keep white bread around the house. So whenever I bought this loaf of white texas toast bread, we were trying to think of the best ways to use it.  I mean, what's better than french toast and a gooey grilled cheese??   Heath surprised me with ordering a pizza for dinner, so I didn't have to mess the kitchen up again, and we feasted on it while finishing The Return of the King.  Perfect Saturday for us.  Okay, I almost don't want to admit this, but I think I kept my pj's on until about 4:00 that afternoon.  (I said it was a lazy day!! :)

I have to say that we don't eat like this everyday!  It was for sure a splurge day, and I'm back at the gym to get those extra calories off.  It was sure worth it, though!!

The next day we drove in to visit my family, because my brother just got back from being in Germany for the summer.  He was taking classes there and doing some great sightseeing with his German friends he made here in the states.  It was so nie to catch up with him while he shared with us his great picture and stories! Mom made a big Italian supper of lasagna, fresh salad and different loafs of fresh bread with olive oil and cracked pepper for dipping!  Everything was delicious!  The dessert was my favorite, though.  Turtle ice cream cake that was to die for!!  Everyone somehow found room to eat a piece of this dreamy dessert and it was the star of the night! 

If all of that wasn't a big enough night of celebration...it got even bigger!  My younger sister just announced her engagement!!!!  I am so happy for them, but can't believe my "best sister" is going to start planning her wedding!   She will be a beautiful bride and a wonderful wife, I already know it.

 What an exciting time this is right now.  I just had to share a piece of my life with all of you!  God has blessed us and our family so abundantly!  I'm excited to see what else he has in store for us soon to come!  I'll be back to my usual recipe posts very soon, don't worry.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!   Be blessed! 


Ali said...

Yum - The 3 cheese grilled cheese sounds great. What kind of cheese did you use for that? :)

Leslie said...

Thank you, Ali!
I used just whatever we happened to have in the fridge, Ha! American, mozzarella and Parmigiano Reggiano. Mr. Cozy used pepperjack in place of the mozzerella. Both versions were wonderful! I spread some light, whipped butter on them and cooked them in a cast iron skillet on med-low until cheese very gooey and golden brown. Wish I had one now...