Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Morning's Best Blueberry Pancakes with Fresh Peaches

We love a cozy breakfast around here!  Pancakes are a treat that we make occasionally on a weekend morning, and Mr. Cozy is one of the best pancake makers!! He's been making me pancakes for years now and they just keep getting better.

 This past weekend was a wonderful, relaxing weekend for the two of us.  We didn't have any plans (yay!) so we decided to stay home all weekend and take advantage of all the free movie channels we got.  Yup, we cooked and watched movies all weekend, if we weren't outside soaking up the radiant sunshine!  So, it was a perfect way to wake up to delicious summertime blueberry pancakes with peaches on Sunday morning before church.

This is not necessarily a "recipe post" because the recipe is so simple.  This breakfast was just so pretty, and seasonal and delicious that I had to share with you guys.  I felt like I was eating farmer's market's bounty!  Not to mention, anything my Love take the time to make me is special!

 Have a blessed day whatever it starts of with!

We have a really good and simple pancake mix, Maple Grove Farms of Vermont, where you just add water!  Mr. Cozy always adds a smidgen of sugar and sometimes vanilla extract.  This time he also added some frozen blueberries (that I bought fresh).  He sprinkles right onto the pancake batter in the skillet.  Cook these in a small bit of butter, enough to keep from sticking.  Once golden, remove and slice a freshly ripe peach over and pour on real maple syrup to finish off the plate of fruity-sweet goodness!!  A steamy cup of Captain Micheal's coffee from Savannah and a small glass of oj washed it down just right!

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