Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Cozy Little Patio!

Yes, so I know that I'm not a home decorating blog (by any means!) but I wanted to participate with Savvy Southern Style in the "Blog Party" and showcase a bit of my outdoor space!

Unfortunately it was quite cloudy yesterday when I took these pictures.  Storms were rolling in all around, but I decided to go ahead and do the photo shoot anyways!  So, whenever you see the sky just imagine it being a beautiful robin's egg blue instead of dismal gray!
So today I am giving you a nickel tour of our back patio.  We just love being out here!!  Coming from apartments our entire married life, to a house with our own outdoor space has been amazing!

This is the table and chairs we'll eat lunch or dinner on occasionally, or drink the morning's coffee.  The patio is facing East, so it provides a pretty sunrise!

I apologize for not having a more homemade dessert out here, but I though this fruit looked absolutely mouthwatering and oh so summery!  What's better than melon and strawberries?

We live in the country, and have a beautiful view of the surrounding fields.
I've always appreciated the simplicity of country living-- even the new hay bales are pretty to enjoy in June!

Notice our terra cotta chimnea that we love using on cool nights!  They make wonderful toasted marshmallows for s'mores!

This year, Mr. Cozy and I decided to spruce our bare patio up with splashes of color with plants and flowers.  We are so happy with the way things look!
I  love being able to go outside in the mornings to water my flowers and see the new blooms!

Yes, I enjoy the small things in life.

Mom gave me these feminine, peach mini roses.  I heart them.

I love the vivid colors in this arrangement.  You can't even see them all from this photo. The colors remind me of the checked napkins on the table!

I love bunnies, so my Grandmother found this sweet lantern with a bunny on it.  How cute is this??!  It provides a nice glow come dusk.

We like mixing grasses and flowers together for a lush arrangement.  I found this pot on sale at Lowes for next to nothing!  Actually, most all of these pots were either given to me or a sale find!

This is a window box that we used here.  We wanted different heights and shapes for our flowers!

For the pictures, I thought I'd dress up our deck box with Mr. Cozy's Great-Grandmother's handmade quilt.  It looks lovely for the summer!

She stitched it with love. :)
But she was really known for her good cookin'!

These look so dainty and delicate right after the rain shower.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago on a sunnier day, and  I can see that my plants have grown so much since then!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a small piece of what we call "home".  We love where we live!  Waking up and stepping outside on these warm mornings to see my happy pets and pretty flowers make me very happy! 
I like decorating with color and having pretty things, but I think that what makes our home so inviting is all the love that is here.  :)

God Bless!

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Red Couch Recipes said...

Hi, love that back yeard that has a view of the field. What a great place to enjoy a summer lunch or dinner. Love the little bunny lantern too. Joni

Ali said...

What a beautiful view you have from your patio table. Lucky girl :)

premier paving said...

Some lovely photos, thank for sharing them with us driveway paving Essex

Unknown said...

What a breathtaking view you got there! It's absolutely stunning! I wish I could wake up to that view every single day! I'm getting jealous! Hahaha! Your patio may be simple, but everything else makes up for it. The beautiful view, those lovely flowers, and the very relaxing atmosphere!

Cristen Eacret