Monday, June 27, 2011

(Remix!) Toasted Coconut covered Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are a remix of the delicious Sea Salt Double Chocolate Chip Cookies I posted about a couple of months ago!  

We hosted an ice cream social at our house last Friday night, and I had to have some cookies to go along with the ice cream.  So I thought I'd make some yummy chocolate chip cookies but instead of just baking them off as normal, I rolled the dough in coconut for a tropical twist--they were so good!  The coconut toasts up in the oven and gets a little crispy around the soft cookie as it bakes.  This is just a fun way to spruce up your cookies!  Originally I really wanted to dip half the cookie in melted white chocolate and then in toasted coconut (after baked and cooled), but because I was running behind on the time I just decided to roll them in the sweetened coconut before baking them off golden brown!  Well, I'll just have to try my other idea another time.

You can be so creative with a simple cookie recipe.  There are so many ways to remix your favorite cookie, depending on the add in, what you drizzle over, or roll it in.  I love this part of baking--the creative part--almost as much as the eating part!  Try these if you want something slightly different while keeping the good ole familiar taste of a gooey chocolate chip cookie.

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Oh my goodness!, I'm crazy about these coconut, choc chips! I'll be hosting my niece's Baby shower soon, so I will make this cookies! Thanks for the idea and recipe...ok, got go and copy these! Lots of hugs, FABBY

Ali said...

Great idea Leslie. I am coconut obsessed so this is a really tasty variation on the classic chocolate chip cookie. :D