Monday, June 2, 2014

Friends, Food, and Fun!

A couple weeks ago we had some of our friends from church over for a long over-due gathering!  We had dinner at one of their homes last April (2013) and since then one of the couples got pregnant and just had their baby, and we now have two children, so it took us over a year to reunite--and it felt so good!! (Hehe... I had to.). So our little group had grown from 6 adults with two kids to 5 kids!  What a blessed year and so much to catch up on!

Since we all have families of our own, these gathering with friends --or any other for that matter--is extra special.  So, I decided to make the table setting casual but elegant to reflect just how special this time together was.

I used my new dishes that I am in love with!  Almost 10 years with our other "everyday" dishes, and surviving about 7 moves, let's just say they have more chips than a Lays bag!!  The new dishes are elegant and yet simple.  The cream color goes with everything well, and we bought them at my favorite store Home Goods!  Hurrah for a good price!  I used cream and yellow cloth napkins along side.

Mr. Cozy bought me some gorgeous roses that I put in the silver pitcher as a simple centerpiece.  I placed the arrangement on a cut glass platter to anchor it and add more antique feel that I like so much.  I kept the candlesticks we got for our wedding on the table, but forgot to light them.. Boo.  In the small lotus dish there you see an herb butter for the rolls or corn on the cob.

The kid's table was kept colorful and easy! Disney paper plates and paper napkins on our little card table.  It was pretty cute!  I think it makes the kids feel big when they get to talk amongst each other at their own table.  (Granted the ones seated were just 2-6 years.)  The new baby slept through most of the meal, although I did get to hold her quite a bit!! I love babies... Preciousness!

I used an old vintage runner passed down from my husbands great grandmother as a simple table dressing.  It's actually supposed to be used on a fireplace mantle, and that's why it's asymmetrical. It reminds me of the handmade linens we saw while in Switzerland! 

It was a beautiful evening outside, and good thing since Mr. Cozy was grilling the food!  He grilled the BEST chicken and corn on the cob in the husk.  What a good man:). I cannot wait(!) to give you this marinade recipe next.  It's just so delicious and more flavorful than any I've had.  Marinating in this for 2 hours tastes like you have all day long.  Yummy!

I also made The Pioneer Woman's baked beans, which were divine!  I am a baked bean fan and every summer gathering in my family requires good homemade baked beans.  These sure fit the bill!  No simply heating up a can of pork and beans around here.

Also, another personal favorite, PW's mashed potatoes..   Oh my gosh!  Cream cheese.  Need I say more!?

I've ran out of pictures, but i also made PW's rosemary rolls which my mom introduced me to. YUM!!!  Molly brought a delicious fresh strawberry-spinach salad to round out the meal.  We made Ninth Street House tea (also known asHouse of Grace) to drink and coffee for after dinner.  For dessert I made my Strawberry Shortcake Trifle, which the recipe is on the blog already.  Always a winner!

Anyways, we had such since night laughing and sharing stories and food, drinking coffee and passing around the baby.  It's so very nice to be reminded I can still have people over for dinner despite the sometimes craziness of being a mom. I felt like a real friend again, hahaha. (Does that make sense?)  This was the first "big" dinner we've put on since having the children, and it was a good feeling!  The kids loved having friends come to play with, so everyone was happy!  They were all so cute together.

I went to bed that night feeling very joyful and satisfied with a full heart.  New memories with friends as an entire family. A sense that our life is settling back into more a good groove a year after getting the children!

hope to post some of these yummy recipes here soon... Especially the chicken marinade.  I hope you all are having a beautiful start to summer, too! Have a blessed day!



Your table and flowers looks lovely and the food sounds awesome! What a reat evening you all had and yes, I always feel my heart over joyed when my guests leave... I love evenings at home!

Leslie said...

Thank you, Fabby! That's sweet of you! You're right about having a good feeling after hosting a party, and I'm sure you throw some wonderful ones yourself! Thanks for coming over.

Beth @A Little Country House said...

Yall are just beautiful! Have a fun summer with those precious littles!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

What a delicious looking dinner! Good friends have fun and you are smart to make time for them.

Unknown said...

I love evenings like that with good friends. My mouth is watering over that chicken photo!! I do hope you share the recipe soon. Thank you!


Leslie said...

Thank you, Andrea! That reminds me I really do need to share that chicken marinade recipe soon!! It's the best! Come back soon:)