Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Changes in My House, and the Reason Behind It All

Recently, I had a blog follower of mine ask me to post more pictures of my home again, because she liked my posts on decorating the house.  It's been a very long time since I've shared photos of inside the house!  I thought she was so kind to say that, but I couldn't help but feel I had nothing at all to show!  For a long time I made no changes whatsoever. 

After adopting our (then) 2 yr. old daughter and 3 yr. old son and becoming a stay at home mom last year, my entire life has basically been devoted to the adjustment of my new precious sweet peas.   Just keeping up with day-to-day housework was more than enough of a challenge!  My priorities have had to change while my schedule at home has been not about myself but about my children, learning their ways, and bonding as a family unit.  That's what God had called me to devote my entire first year towards. A sacrifice that ultimately has been so very worth it when I look at those faces and see it's somehow my whose attention they want!  And our house is where they'd rather be!  That's what I wanted and how we planned for it to be, but that means my home decor has been put "on the shelf" for the past year, as I've just tried to keep up with life!

Well, the last couple of months I've felt a positive shift in myself and in our family dynamic.  I'm becoming more comfortable in my blessed role as mommy, my children are bonding to us on a deeper emotional level, and I'm embracing our new routine better than ever!  Also with small thing, like with summer being here, the kids play in our fenced back yard and that gives me time to be in the living room and watch them while folding laundry, cleaning, blogging(!) or getting other things accomplished that just frankly didn't get done last winter.


This means, I've slowly been able to start bringing in other things I used to enjoy back into our life.  We've opened up our home to more friends inviting again (without anxiety) over for dinner or dessert, and I've been able to pay more attention to the cleanliness and decor of my home.  This is a great feeling!  Balance is the key here!  Family obviously comes first, but finding ways to also spruce things up brings out the homemaker side of me, gives me an outlet of sorts, and allows my kids to watch me do things that set a good example for them!  I think it's good for children to also see that mommy and daddy have talents or passions to pursue... Only not at their expense.

This picture just makes me smile!  Mr. Cozy buys fresh flowers to keep in the house at least once a month, but I think these bright and cheery sunflowers may be my favorite yet!  

So, I'll show you around our living room and point out some if the recent changes we've made!  I was feeling tired of the dreariness in this room after bring cooped-up at home all winter, and was itching to spruce it up--on a budget, of course!
I knew I wanted some new pillows for the couches.The other ones we've had for years!  I asked him about me buying some for our (old) couches to give them a second wind, and he agreed it would be much easier to spend $100 on pillows then a couple thousand on new couches at this time.

 .... Off to my favorite Home Goods I went.  My (amazing) husband even kept the kiddos so I could think clearly to make a good decor decision. Haha, I still have trouble multi-tasking --especially in public--with the kids, so his offer felt generous and was much appreciated!

I came across these great down-filled pillows.  (I already had the green scripted ones.)  When I saw the yellow ones with the gorgeous white embroidery, I knew I had to have them.  I'm loving yellow accents, and these are just gorgeous!  At $20 a pillow, I thought that was well worth it for 2 of them!  Then I found these beautiful deep blue pillows with the white hexagonal pattern.  After walking around the store with the pillows in my cart I thought about how they would look in the space, and I finally decided they would be the right choice.  They add a new sophisticated look that would give an eclectic design to my cozy-casual couches.  The blue pillows came in pairs, and I bought two pairs (4 pillows) for about $25 a pair.  In total I bought 6 pillows for $90 plus tax.  Score!  I couldn't wait to go home and try them out...

I was excited by how much they transformed our old couches and added a whole different feel to my living room.  I've never added blue to my decor, but this deep navy is gorgeous!  I stood back and admired the red, white, and blue and realized how patriotic my living room looks for summer!  

The next big project were these shutters.  Mr. Cozy and I devoted a day last month to work on them.  We brought them up where they were just sitting in storage in the basement.  We began scraping, priming, and painting these shutters that were completely worn out and originally belonged on the front door of our cape cod style home.  We didn't want to use them outside, so I thought in the house as a design element would make them even more unique!  The work payed off because, we love how they turned out!  We hung our large family print over the shutters, and now the room is not only brightened but that wall has more interest and dimension!  It was a fun spring project to finish.  Also I think the yellow and white pillow is adorable next to the yellow dress I have on in the picture, too.  It was meant to be:) 

My precious mom came for a visit last week and she gave me this adorable pillow as a gift, to brighten my home with some loving cheer!  

I am in love with this darling pillow!  

What's not to love about a brightly colored, burlap pillow with a chevron striped heart flower and the words, "you are loved!" written on it.  This pillow means more to me than you can imagine, friends!  Mom is so thoughtful!  It came from Peniques, in Murray.

I  don't have a close-up picture, but I painted the round side table by the couch the same pale color as the shutters.  It was a very deep wood tone that was original, but dreary and too dark for the room.  Now it's more of an elegant show piece that would cost much more than we paid!  I think that table was bought for about $25 at an antique store, plus the cost of primer and paint.  It would sell for way more in a store!

I wanted to show you my 4th of July wreath I just put together.  I especially like the fun chevron red ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby!  Now the colors in this also look cute with the red walls and new blue pillows.  I certainly have a summer color scheme going on!

The living room is our hub.  A place my husband play music, and our son can "play" along, too!  Look at how he is growing!  My precious boy.

It's also a place I find time to myself some days while the kids nap.  Yesterday it was a coffee and Irish chocolate sort of afternoon as the summer storm was rolling in.  From time to time, I think every mom needs a little time like this.  Give me a just an hour of quiet with my coffee, and I almost feel like I'm on vacation!

Lastly, the living room is a place to jump and play if you're this little girl!  It's a place for her sing aloud, to rock baby dolls, do gymnastics or sit and cuddle with me! 

Everything I'm doing now is for this sweet little face.  God has given me a husband and a whole family to pour my life into!  His goodness is abundant!  

A clean and freshly decorated house is ultimately for my family to enjoy!  I want to provide them with a cozy, safe haven where God is exalted foremost.  I also want our children to grow up appreciating the beauty of a home well taken care of, so one day my daughter will know how to do the same for her family, too!

Before I go...
Here's the new, beautiful lamppost my husband installed all himself!  He can truly do whatever he sets his mind to!  I love how it lights our path and adds a glow to our entry in the evenings.

The door is also new.  This spring we had a break-in where the burglar destroyed the frame and hurt the door badly.  (It was awful, but God had us to not be home!) I love our new door with the lantern, and new landscaping my hubby also did.  

Thank you Honey for working hard at work and home!  

Friends, thank you for coming to my home. I appreciate every time y'all read my blog when there are so many grander more beautiful ones out there.  I pray my home will exude love we have and a comfy-cozy look more than anything!   Have a wonderful day!!!



Breahn said...

It is a wonderfully beautiful cozy home!!!! Thank you for sharing! I so enjoy your home!

krishna said...

truly truly a cozy home... so beautiful so welcoming... the bestest of the best is the pillow your mom gave you...

Tina Butler said...

Leslie I love it!!! And all those beautiful windows are so gorgeous.

Leslie said...

Ladies, Thank you all for your kind words about our living room! If I could, I would have each one of you over for a yummy dessert and coffee to get to know one another! ;)

Sharon Avinger said...

Your home is such a cozy place for you and your beautiful family. You are truly blessed. That bar of chocolate looks pretty good, too!

Kathy said...

Your home is lovely. I would feel right at home there. You are setting such a wonderful example for your children of a woman who truly wants to be a wife and mother making a comfortable home.

Beth @A Little Country House said...

Looks great! Glad to see your sweet babies thriving!