Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Blooms in My Dining Room

Although it's an abnormally frosty-cold day the sun is still shining, and I've decided to bring out some of my Spring decor to brighten up my home!   Bursts of yellow and white with hints of lavender nod to the colors of new life.  Spring is officially here (thank you Jesus) whether it feels that way outside or not!
I'm writing here beside my fireplace ablaze and my powder pink sweater, comfy jeans and warm socks.  I don't mind it still be cold enough for a cozy fire.
Let's talk homemaking!  Decor, specifically.  I haven't posted anything on my house in a while because not much has changed once Christmas was over.  January and February hold little inspiration for decor.  But now that a new season is here... there is inevitably welcomed changes going on inside and outside the home! 
A sense of newness has arrived!
The table is dressed with a yellow and pale gray detailed table cloth from home Goods and simply decorated with rustic lanterns and a dish of lemons and now (after getting back from the grocery) limes. I like the understated Tuscan kind of look.
I love to decorate, but I do it "on a dime".  I don't have a set style, but I buy the things I love that work together.  My home does not look like a designer showroom, instead  I'm a believer of flea markets, antique shops, boutiques, and Home Goods!  I like Pottery Barn a lot, but I've never bought anything from there directly.  It's too expensive for me right now, although I love to browse around and get ideas of what to look for in other places. 
Ultimately, I want my home to be comprised of things that reflect us and what we love!
Coziness and warm colors
European influences
 Details of a bygone era
Lovely things such as flowers and pretty linens or a tea cup and saucer
 Textures.  Soft blankets, Hardwood floors and cozy rugs, mix n match lamp shades
Incandescent lighting
Family photos
 Fresh fruit in baskets or herbs in jars in the kitchen.
Such things give me a sense of joy and home.
Like these sweet birdie salt & pepper shakers that were a gift from my precious sister!  Aren't they adorable in the little basket?!
Here is a cart with 3 wheels (haha!) that I bought right after we married on clearance at Pier 1.  It's been moved to about 6 different homes!  I think it looks the best in this one and in the dining room.  The bottom has a basket where I store some of my cloth napkins and antique cut glass serving ware.
I found this flower arrangement at one of my favorite stores, Ivy & Twigs in a small town in the wine country of south-eastern Missouri.  I've always loved the antique, Parisian look of the vase!  It's often moved around the house, but always ends up in here or our bedroom.
I'm fond of this warm colored, paisley lamp shade I found at The Tin Roof in Princeton, Ky. 
The sun was streaming in through the windows beautifully yesterday afternoon when I snapped this photo.  It gave so much warmth to the dining room!
I've always wanted to hang plates on the wall, and in this home I've decided to do just that.  The dining room seemed like the right place to display some of my collection of country rose china for a pop of cranberry reds.  The other two plates have a detail of tiny green flowers, and they came from an antique shop in Paducah, Ky. 
I LOVE this little lamp that I purchased at a nice flea market in Murray, Ky. recently when shopping with Mom.  We both thought it was too cute to pass up!  The glow that comes from the burlap shade is just so pretty at night.
My husband and I completely re finished this old, worn out little table that was passed down to us from his parents. It had water stains, a place where I burned it with a candle (don't ask!!) and just old looking cherry finish.
We are over all pleased with the look, although I'm not sure about how I like the way the top looks.  For now I'll keep the runner on it!
I love the curved detail of the legs and how the finish made so beautiful!  We first sanded and sanded, them painted the table a creamy white, and glazed it by adding glaze to some charcoal paint.  We finished with a bit of distressing. This was our very first time to finish a project with glaze, and it was a little nerve wracking but fun! 
Like I said, I love beautiful things.  These delicately scalloped cloth napkins were a wedding gift.
I added some lovely sprigs of flowers to the mantle for some spring flair!  I think the color really brings out the golds and yellows in the painting.
I strung these simple Dollar Tree wreaths with burlap ribbon to hang on the fireplace screen.  I'm not sure how spring time it looks, but I still love it!
The dining room is where you come in from the front door, so you're welcomed with this antique hunt board filled with memories and a greeting!
My dining room reflects my love for antiques, history, Europe and little lovely details.  I'm just so thankful to the Lord for giving us a home with my first dining room!  It's where many good meals and memories have already been made.
A house is just the shell, but a home is in the details! 
 I don't just want a perfect house or styled room just for looks and pictures.  No, we certainly LIVE in this house!  Although I try, it's not always this perfectly kept, because it's used and much loved!! 
I'm so grateful that I love homemaking, and I take pride in being the keeper of our house and the one to prepare meals.  I do my best to take care of what the Lord has blessed us with, and help make our dollars stretch so we can get the most out of things.  I love how God inspires creativity when we look for it!
Friends, that was the nickel tour of my spring dining room! 
Whatever the weather is, enjoy the first complete Spring day that we've been given in 2013!
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NanaNor's said...

You have a beautiful style and great eye for design! I live all that you shared, would love to put things together as easily. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen

Bernideen said...

I think everyone looks wonderful here!! Would invite younto join me at "OpenHouse".

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

What a lovely, welcoming room! I'm swooning over your scallopey cabinets. Thank you for your nice compliments at Brenda's today, it's great to find a new blogger who likes the same cozy style :)
xo, Andrea

Unknown said...

So beautiful. I love the warmth and comforting look of your home! I'm a new follower.

elizabeth said...

Everything is so lovely, Leslie!

Michelle said...

You have a very good eye for style. It looks wonderful.

Unknown said...

Leslie, your home is lovely! I love the built-ins beside the fireplace with the scalloped wood. You have exactly what I long for--a house to make a home. I am also into old china and dishes and linens. I don't think there are too many of us left. I even had a hope chest with some of that stuff in it when I got married. Also, I just inherited many beautiful things when I lost my Honey and Papa. She had so many beautiful dishes and china and I seem to be the only one that still has love for those things in my family! I can't wait to bring them out of the boxes and put them up in my home.
Much love to you and Heath!

Kathy Olson said...

What a beautiful room! I love your antique hunt board. I have an antique secretary desk that I love. My mom instilled a love of antiques in me.
I love your decorating style.

priscilla said...

Very pretty ! Love your spring touches :)

Jen said...

Leslie, I love your home. It is definitely quaint and cozy. Happy Friday my friend and lets please pray for some warmer temps. This child of mine and for my nerves need some outside time. Blessings and praise always~ Jen

Dewena said...

I would have given much more than a nickel for this tour of your dining room! Those napkins are lovely and well worth the ironing time. The paisley lampshade is a favorite of what I've seen here but I love how you mixed the old with the new and the colors that just work so well to pull off your early spring look.

I smiled at each thing on your list that was important for you to bring into your decor.

Coffee Mom said...

Your home is always so lovely and cozy and inviting!! Thanks for the tour!

Debra@CommonGround said...

oh I just love your dining room. love the wall color and those great built-ins!

The Charm of Home said...

You have a beautiful dining room! I love a black front door. Naming the cities you shopped for antiques in I would say you have been near where I grew up! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

Anonymous said...

I am loving how your decorating your new home! so fun! ~mari