Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our Day in Amish Country

A couple of weeks ago, on one of the first beautiful days of autumn Mr. Cozy and I took a wonderful drive into the country.  Waaayyy, into the country to visit the Amish community around Marion, Ky.  

Before leaving town, we decided to stop at this sweet, little diner to fill our tummies with some greasy spoon food!  (Me in the car on an empty stomach means motion sickness!! :o/ )

Mr. Cozy got the delicious (!) cheeseburger and french fries.
Simple goodness.

I didn't take a picture of my taco salad because I didn't think to until I had already started digging in, and it already looked like a mess, but it was so tasty!

As we were leaving, I tried to sneak in a very quick picture of how "dinky" this diner really is!  There are about  3 1/2 tables in here with a very small counter with bar stools.  In my opinion, adorable!  The regulars were back there chatting it up with the cooks.  :)  Kinda neat and old fashioned in a way.

Full tummy and beautiful day with my husband....I'm one happy girl!

We passed a huge field of sunflowers!  This picture doesn't do them justice!!

I love God's creation.  

Here are just a few snapshots of the western Ky. countryside.  It was two weeks ago, so the leaves hadn't changed colors at this point.

We are in the Amish country right now.  We got stuck behind a (non-Amish) tractor on a narrow road in the middle of nowhere.  We couldn't drive any faster than about 15 mph, so we just rolled down the windows and enjoyed the breeze.

Here's the large home and property of the vegetables we bought. As we pulled up, there was an enormous clothesline coming off the second floor of the house.  Such a classic snapshot of "the olden days"...

Here is their large garden the fruit and veggies come out if.  It was so perfect and beautiful!  We bought fresh okra, beautiful little sweet potatoes, and yellow squash.  

I didn't take any pictures out of the car here, just in respect to the Amish.  I never want to make them feel that's why you won't see pics of the actually vegetable stand.  Take my word for it, it was  great--They practically sell them out of their home! Baskets of lovely fruit and vegetables from there own beautiful garden.  The 15ish year old boy that helped us was barefoot and had the biggest blue eyes.  He was quiet, but very kind.

More beautiful country scenery.  This particular one is quintessential autumn in the country.

No, this isn't a drive way, it's a road!  Very narrow!  Oh, and up ahead here we had to cross a random flowing creek!!!  Good thing we drive a Jeep!

I love this bakery.  These women sure know how to cook!

In front of the bakery, ready to eat some homemade oatmeal cream pie!

This was a wonderful afternoon for us to enjoy the weather, scenery and each other!  One of our favorite things to do is find the "hidden jewels" of places close to home and discover what they are all about.  I think part of a joyful living is appreciating everything, even the small things!  God has always instilled in me a love for the simple things in life!

Have a wonderful Autumn day!!!

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Peggy said...

That sounds like a dream day! Amish food and handiwork are the best! Love the little diner. That is where I like to pick to eat when we go on trips.

Leslie said...

Peggy, it was just a wonderful day! Yes, we really like hole-in-the-wall places. They can have the best food, too!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

That looks so lovely. You are a lucky gal to live so close to such wide open spaces and beauty. I am fascinated by the simplicity and lives of the Amish.

Leslie said...

What a fantastic trip!! I love visiting the amish country. It's only about an hour from Baltimore, I really should go more often!

Have a great weekend.

The Better Baker said...

You really sucked me in with this lovely post and pictures! How wonderful that you take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life - with your beloved no less! WAY TO GO GIRL! We have Amish in our area too - NW Ohio/Michigan border, and I know they don't like to have their pictures taken either. Thanks a million for leaving your nice comment at my blog today. I'll be back - enjoy a beautiful and blessed weekend!!

Maria said...

I love your blog! And this looks like fun! We love to drive to Pennsylvania to the Amish country too! They have the best baked goods!