Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunshine Tea on the Back Porch

What is better than sweet tea on a hot day?  Nothing if you ask a Southerner!  Monday I got off work a little early.  It was warm and humid outside--storms were on the way-- and my Hubby and I decided to have just a little afternoon snack to tide us over 'till supper time, on the back porch.  He is always the one who makes tea when we have it, (I don't really remember when it started) but he does such a good job that I'm happy for him to make it!  He surprised me by changing it up a little this time, and it was great!... 

He started as making sweet tea as usual, except he steeped it with freshly sliced key limes! (We didn't have any regular ones.)  Next, with the sugar and water he also added about 3/4 c. of orange juice...uh, yummy!!  This tea was so refreshingly bright and citrus-y, perfect to sit outside on our (still rather bare) patio and enjoy with vanilla wafers and peanut butter sandwich cookies.  

Look, you can even see the sweat beads on the glasses, which is a reminder that summer is on it's way!  There is something so relaxing, even comforting about sitting outside with a glass of fresh sunshine tea and breathing in the warm air, listening to the birds, looking around at the countryside--truly feeling God in the beauty of His creation.  Thankful for the little things like a tray full of simple pleasures and a husband to enjoy them with.

This serving tray is one of my newest finds, and I love it!  I got it at a local, peddler's/flea market/antique store.  I think it's hand painted over on a vintage style tray.  It's beautiful with flowers in spring colors!  I usually keep in on my coffee table (which is an antique trunk) with a candle, some magazines and a little jar of chocolates.  Today I thought it would be perfect to serve this purpose in carrying everything outside.  Besides, it compliments the color of the tea and limes!

I served this citrus sunshine tea with sliced key limes in a beautifully cut glass pitcher that Nana gave me.  She is so thoughtful.  She knew that I love pretty things like this, so when we moved into this house she gave it to me filled with roses cut from her garden!  What a perfect housewarming gift!

This tea is completely front porch, Kentucky sunset worthy; yet, it would be just right with chicken salad for a ladies' luncheon, as well.   I have to give my wonderful husband the credit for surprising me with his recipe for sunshine tea.  This is one of those "little blessings" I thank the Lord for sprinkling in my life everyday!  

Let's remember that every good gift is from above.
Happy Easter!


elizabeth said...

Love that beautiful tray and the beautiful pitcher too...also loved your kind comment over at my blog! :)

Eating in Winnipeg said...

oh that looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon! you have a great blog btw! i' glad i found you :)