Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfect Morning for Heartwarming Raspberry & Hazelnut Oatmeal

     I love waking up to a beautiful morning, like this one, especially when I'm off work!  Yes, I usually blog on my days off.  It's just a fun hobby that I look forward to doing whenever I have the time!  It's a brisk 55 degrees outside and everything is thoroughly saturated from the drenching downpour of rain we got yesterday and all night. (I have to remember that April showers bring pretty May flowers!) I can't wait to see how big my iris sprouts have gotten after all that rain!

     This morning, I was craving something comforting and satisfying for breakfast.  What better than a creamy bowl of old fashioned oatmeal to slowly wake up!  There is just something about a hot breakfast that stays with you all day.  Besides the fact, the toppings for it are so fun to add!

I cooked -my favorite- old fashioned oats in skim milk instead of water for an extra creamy consistency.  That way I don't feel the need to put in any butter.  (Although it would be very yummy, it's an easy way for me to cut back for bathing suit season!)  I added in some of my new Trader Joe's Less-Sugar Raspberry Jam, chopped hazelnuts, a couple swirls of honey and some ground cinnamon to round off my oatmeal breakfast.

I stirred it all together in the pan I cooked it in, and serve it in a dainty lotus cup with some extra jam on top! Oatmeal for one :)

So pretty and delicious!

Here's a bite for you!

See the sweet, little bunny with carrots in background?  They are my new salt and pepper shakers!

My parents surprised me with that little gift just a couple of days ago, when they came for a visit!  I love the vintage looking colors and glaze of the bunny and carrots!

He's just the cutest thing....Peter Rabbit...as we call him!  Mom used to read that story to me as a child. Since then, I have always loved bunnies!

Hope you all have a blessed morning and also cherish even the small things that have been given to you! 

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Mindy said...

Sounds delicious! We're big fans of Steel Cut Oats, and this would be a yummy way to fix that!

Leslie said...

Thank you, Mindy! Yes, Steel cut oats would be great, too--love their texture! Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy the recipe:)

Anonymous said...

Raspberry is divine! I am ALL about jellies! Thanks for linking to Workshop Wednesday! I hope to see you back this week! goobyecityhellosuburbs