Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roasted Root Vegetables

When I have a chicken casserole, like the Chicken Poppyseed Casserole I made with this, or grilled chicken or pork chops I love to have roasted veggies to eat with it. What a tasty side dish this is! Year round I will roast vegetables as a delicious and versatile side depending on which veggies are in season. Because we are in the fall right now, and I happen to have parsnips (which I have to admit I am just now starting to cook with) carrots, potatoes, and onion.

Well, the onion part I usually have but since I did not this time around I used onion powder. It is easier than chopping up an onion but I still recommend taking the extra time for the real thing if you have it. There's nothing like an onion to give a dish depth of flavor in my opinion.
Carrots -- I just love whenever they are roasted at high heat and the sugars begin to caramelize, and potatoes I always have on hand and they become so tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. This time I used the small new potatoes for this. They are so tender with thin skin you don't have to peel, and they are small enough you only have to cut them in half! Unless you are feeding small kids, in which you may want to cut into fourths.

Wash your vegetables well and peel the carrots and parsnips with a vegetable peeler. Next, cut up all your vegetable into chunks that are about the same size. Put them into a large ziplock bag and drizzle olive oil in the bag for the seasonings to stick and for the veggies to get nice and brown. Next put in your seasoning. Salt and pepper, italian seasoning, garlic salt(about equal parts)and onion powder if you are not using an onion. Close the bag shut and shake shake shake! This is a fast way to evenly distribute the oil, and seasonings over your veggies. Also, one less bowl to wash.

Pour the newly coated veggies and spread this out on a pan that has been coated with cooking spray. Place in a hot 400-425 degree oven. This high heat will caramelize and crisp everything to heavenly goodness! You may stir once while it's in the oven if you want. The fewer times you move them around the more crisp the potatoes will be. Take out after about 25 minutes or until veggies and potatoes are tender and sprinkle one last time with salt and pepper. Serve Roasted Root Vegetables and it will quickly become the new favorite side dish!

Grocery List

New Potatoes
Onion or Onion Powder
Garlic Salt
Italian Seasoning
Salt and Pepper
Olive Oil

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Dunn Family said...

I have never cooked with parsnips so I think this recipe will inspire me to try it. If you have an onion emergency, be sure to come down and check my pantry! Love the dish. Looks great too.