Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nana's loved Apple Pie

Nana's Apple Pie. Those are words of joy in our family, for it is made with love....and lots and lots of sugar and butter! My husband's Nana is known to make one of the best apple pies you will ever eat and everyone in the family knows it! It is the one pie that doesn't need any whipped cream, ice cream, or drizzle of anything to make it better. This is a pie that goes in a flash when brought to a gathering, and yet it is a recipe that seems to be untouchable. Yes, this is a pie that I mustered up the courage to bake for my deserving husband on exam week. A time that is so intense for him only something like Nana's Apple Pie could ease the stress and tension that only medical school can bring. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it turned out!

Though I cannot give you the recipe of this delectable dessert, I will give you a couple secrets about it's yummy deliciousness. Jonathan apples. They are the only apples to make this pie so good. Jonathan's can be difficult to find. They are grown in Washington from September-January, but I have only found them Sept.-Nov. myself. They are a bit tart and a bit sweet. They are perfect in this recipe because they cook down so they are not in the least crunchy but in fact melt in your mouth soft.The other tip is that the apples are sliced very thinly. This also adds to the melting in your mouth apple and, the thinner they are sliced the more surface area for all the sugary goodness to coat! As you can tell this pie has a streusel like topping that is like heaven!

As each family usually has their own "passed down" and much-loved recipes, this is definitely one that I imagine will see many generations of cooks. Is there is a heritage recipe in your family that is passed down?


Sarah Grace said...

I don't bake an apple pie if it doesn't have a streusel topping! It looks wonderful,...wonder what's in it?? Hehe! :)

Heath said...

omgoodness...I'm salivating. you seriously don't even know.