Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Best Bacon Ever! (Oven Fried Bacon)

I'm not sure if there is a better aroma to wake up to than the smell of cooking bacon.

Well, maybe coffee and bacon! 

What a classic breakfast food that takes me back to my childhood and the big country breakfasts we had.  It reminds me of Christmas morning or when it's almost too chilly in the room to get out of bed, the frost decorates the windows, and you come into a candle lit kitchen to spy what Mama has cooking.  It somehow tastes cozy.  

Savory and crisp, it's the perfect side for pancakes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, frittata, toast and eggs, fruit, or pretty much anything at all.  Can you tell I like it just a little bit?!!  :)

I don't eat it too often anymore, so when I do I want it perrrrfect! ...

Crispy with just a touch of chew.  
Dry, not soggy.  
Thin and crunchy, not sloppy- greasy.
Sometimes peppered.... YUM!!!

It can be difficult to cook bacon just right!  Frying it shrinks it to a third the size (and who can justify eating 8 slices??).  Also it tends to cook unevenly in a skillet.  It's naturally fatty making it greasy and wet, if not careful.  Not to mention it pops like firecrackers in a skillet!

Well thanks to my wonderful mom, the past several years we've found a genius great solution!

Oven frying the bacon!  

No spattering of grease.  No shrinking.  Even cooking.  No extra grease since it cooks on a rack for the fat to drip off.  In addition, no babysitting the bacon!  Let it cook itself in the oven while you cook everything else!

It's a life changing-- or at least breakfast changing--discovery and the only way we make it at home anymore.

Grab your first cup of coffee and get ready to make the best bacon ever!

Oven Fried Bacon

Bacon (Our favorite is Oscar Mayer Selects Smoked Uncured bacon.)
Fresh course ground black pepper
1 large sheet pan 
Wire rack to fit inside sheet pan

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Put the rack on the sheet pan.  Lay bacon strips on the rack right beside each other.
Crack fresh black pepper right into the bacon strips evenly.
Bake for 20 minutes or until deep colored and crisp. (Give or take a couple minutes depending on your oven.) 
Carefully take the pan out of the oven, because it will be full of hot grease on the bottom where the bacon has dropped.  Using a fork or spatula, remove the bacon from rack onto layered paper towels and gently wrap to blot off excess grease.

Enjoy with your favorite breakfast, burger or BLT.  Let me know what you think!


Forever Christmas 1904 said...

Let me start by saying thank you for such a nice blog. Although it's my first time commenting, I enjoy the things you post. On that note, this IS the only way to make bacon! It makes a whole package, (I have a very large cookie sheet), stays the same length (pretty much), you don't have to empty the grease after every batch, minimal cleanup, and they stay close to the same size-which means one slice, torn in half, almost covers one slice of bread! And, like you mentioned, you can prepare the rest of the meal at the same time! LOVE the colors and fonts you used on this post...very warm and cozy!
I hope your day is all God wants for you-your blog gives me a little escape from the storms in my little world and I want you to know I appreciate you giving me a glimpse into your life! Blessings!

Cindy said...

I like to sprinkle a little brown sugar on it when it's almost done. So good!

Leslie said...

Cindy, I'm glad you mentioned that!! I've done that too, and it rely elevates the yum factor even more! Thanks for visiting. Have a blessed day!

Forever Christmas- (first off, I love the name!) I am so glad you introduced yourself! Thank you for such kind words!! My blog really is truly written and arranged from my heart. I'm just glad friends like you enjoy coming to visit! :) You make a great point about cooking a whole package at one time! That is something you would need two skillets for on the stovetop. I hope you'll come by again soon. Have a blessed day!!

Leslie said...

(Whoops.. I apologize for my comment typos.)