Friday, October 11, 2013

Apple Pie & Autumn Days

Love Autumn!!!

There is something so comforting about fall's sights, smells and, of course, tastes. 
You know what I mean ... the crisp blue sky and the colors in nature going from summer's green to rusts, golds, plums, and blazing red.  

The smell of leaves on the ground (you know what I'm talking about) takes me back to my early childhood.  Jumping in huge piles of freshly raked leaves with my little brother is a favorite memory of mine!  My children are loving the beautiful colored leaves on the ground and collecting them along with acorns for a little fall "display" on our porch!  Precious.

It's pumpkin patch time, and we all go as a family for the very first time!! Here we are riding out to the patch together on a wagon!

What a dream come true for us...  Something I've looked forward to for many years! 

 The children's eyes lit up, as did my heart when they ran through the patch finding their perfect pumpkin!!

Back at home, get out the comfy throws and add an extra blanket to the bed for chilly nights in our upstairs attic-like master bedroom.  Blankets are my friends in cold weather, just ask my husband! 

This time of year our homes begin to smell like Grandma's house with vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin fragrances wafting in and out of rooms.  

We bring out our cozy recipes that simmer long and slow and start baking desserts that are really our favorite, like pumpkin spice muffins and pecan pie. 
And apple pie!  
Windows are opened again during the day to air out and cool off, and fireplaces are ablaze at night and early morning.  

Rainy days that bring in cold fronts give an additional excuse to light our candles and brew afternoon coffee... Such as this particular day last Saturday.  A perfect day!

The children were resting, and Mr. Cozy and I had an impromptu date in our living room!  I made Nana's (perfect) apple pie to really give us a taste of the season.  He made amazing coffee with extra fluffy foam on top.  He topped it off with a dusting of Pennsylvania maple sugar that Papa gave us as a yummy gift. Oh my!!

Melt in your mouth apple pie, perfect coffee, rainy afternoon, candles and sharing it all with the love of my life!.... What could be better?!

My new book, Women Living Well!!!  

When my blog "friend" Courtney Joseph just released her first book, I had to preorder it.  I was thrilled it came in on a rainy weekend so I could really dig in and read!!  

And oh, how it's a good read!

Courtney loves Jesus with all her heart, and she has an amazing online ministry (Women Living Well).  She is so lovely in spirit and genuinely enjoys all things home & family as I do, but she is also very real and relatable!  When I read this book, I feel as though she's talking to me in my own home, as a friend does.  This book is encouraging to read and the more I do the more I want to serve my family and draw closer to the Lord.  She and I have never met, but we certainly could be close friends!

(There are a few of you whom I feel the very same way about:)

Y'all really need to try out Nana's apple pie recipe (delicious!) and also this book if you haven't yet!   

My life has even more facets now, but I still like to keep pleasures simple, and I draw the rest I need from God's love and grace.  He is the only constant in our changing lives, and the return of Autumn reminds me of that. :)

If you love apple desserts like we do, you must check out my Caramel Apple Cake and Best Apple Crisp!  
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Lora said...

i love everything about this post! :)

elizabeth said...

Your pie looks mouth watering. Thanks also for the book and blog recommendation! Love the happy pumpkin patch photos of your little family as well.

Carol said...

I agree with, Lora. From the fall painting, to the pumpkin patch & the yummy pie, a perfect mix of what autumn is.


Coffee Mom said...

Oh-so-cozy! The pie looks delicious! And how fun that you got to take your little ones to the pumpkin patch!!

NanaNor's said...

Love this post; your photos and thoughts are wonderful. This is what fall is all about-thank you for sharing!
Hugs, Noreen

Kathy said...

What a wonderful post! It makes me feel all warm, cozy and autumny (is that a word?). Love the pictures in the pumpkin patch. Love apple desserts. Love candles and cuddling with the love of my life. Love the Lord with all my heart. Who could ask for more in life?

Buttercup Bliss said...

What a great post! I read on your other blog recently... I am SO HAPPY for you and your husband. Your babies are so precious!!!! What a wonderful blessing! I am just so thrilled for you!!! God is so good!!

Jen said...

Enjoyed reading your post and your home looks so warm and cozy. Just thinking about you today. Blessings in Christ! ~ Jen