Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 8th Anniversary To Us!

 Happy Anniversary to most beloved person in my life, my husband!!!
Today makes 8 years! 
 I can't believe it's been that long since the day we were married, yet at this point it's getting harder to remember life before.
 October 16, 2004 was and still is the most joyful day of my entire life!!!  Finally I was marrying my sweetheart.  The one God told me I was to marry.  The Lord had given me a supernatural peace as still as calm waters about marrying [Mr. Cozy].  Not even an ounce of me was unsure or hesitant on our wedding day! 
 I had the good kind of butterflies!
I remember all of "my girls" pampering me so much on my wedding day!  I didn't have to lift a finger if I didn't want to....they were all so kind and thoughtful.  They made the entire process of getting ready, a dream! 
Here's my beautiful Mom helping me push in my veil.  I remember saying, "Really get it in my hair tight!"
 I. truly. felt. like. a princess!  (Tiara and all!) 
But shouldn't it be this way on your wedding day?!   One of the most important days of your life.  Nothing is too grand! 
Seeing myself completely put together for the first time, in that church basement, it hit me that "this is real", "today is the the day!", I will leave here being Mrs. Cates!!! 
 My parents were so precious to me that day.  Papa treated me like a princess, like he always has!  I'm very blessed to have the parents I do, because we don't have a choice in that.  I am the spitting image of them both, ha.  I hear it all the time!!!
I wanted the ceremony and reception to be candlelit.  It was how I had always imagined my wedding!  In a traditional church with stained glass, candlelit, and wearing a ball gown with a tiara as I wed my real life Prince Charming! 
So anyways, our wedding decorator/coordinator had this fabulous idea of basically an elegant wall of flickering candles behind us.  Pictures do no justice to how beautiful and dramatic this was!  (Although the poor groomsmen had to light all the new candles, and I'm sure that took a little while!)
  I was so excited throughout the entire thing!  This was part of the plan God had for our lives, to marry each other and make a happy home together!  To serve the Lord together for the rest of our lives!  
God met us there in the ceremony.
(Not in a "wizard-y way)...it was a magical night!  I felt as if I were in a fairytale!
 Can you see the love in this kiss?  He's the very best to me!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Cates....I am sooo proud!
 I've always loved this picture a friend took of us.  It was just us leaving the church, with no one else around, going to the reception.  A quiet moment together between the happy-chaos....
At the reception, I remember the cake being incredible moist and delicious.  It was a gorgeous round layer cake with fresh flowers cascading down and around the side.  Beautiful! 
We were courteous...we didn't throw, stuff, smash, or rub the cake on each other! :) 
Notice: Mom's famous Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls!  Girls, I'm telling you they make an appearance at every event!  Mom made those to contribute a favorite recipe of my family.  My mother-in-love, we asked her to make her famous Percolator Punch which is a divine Christmas treat!  It's like a combination of hot cider and wassail.  Yum!!!
The rest of the food we picked out, but our fabulous wedding "extraordinaire" made it all.
 Can I just say that my husband is hot!!!  ;)
After our first dance, a beautiful song written and performed by the best man, and toasts, we left in a cloud of bubbles!  Honeymoon, here we come!
 When we left, our hearts were very happy.  It was truly the best day of my life!
Honey, I love you even more today than I did on this day 8 years ago....You are and will always be my life-long treasure!!!
 These pictures are a compilation of professional and amateur photography.  Some of the best memories are captured by family and friends. 


Kris said...

What a lovely couple you are! Congratulations!!!
xo Kris

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Anniversary, Leslie! You made such a beautiful bride and you are right, your husband is very handsome! I love your dress and tiara! My daughter is getting married in May and I am so excited...I LOVE weddings!


jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary and may God bless you and your husband with many more to come. I just found your blog a few days ago and love reading it.

krishna said...

Dear Leslie,
first of happy anniversary to you. Loads and loads of best wishes. i wish you would be so joyful through out your life. u really looked like a princess that day. Those memories are always evergreen. We are going to complete 5 years in this November. still i feel that it was just yesterday.
loads of luv

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Leslie,
Well Happy Anniversary to you two love birds. How fun looking back on the happiest day of your life.
A very special day indeed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Congrats on 8 years and many more!