Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Around Our Home

 The Cozy Little Kitchen is in full-strength fall mode around here, and I love it!!!  These pictures were taken last week, but now my yard truly looks like a beautiful calico carpet of leaves!  I'm not one to quickly rake them up or blow them over.  Not until I get tired of seeing them on the ground, or tired of them trailing in the house on our shoes.
But that hasn't happened yet!
They fall so delicately and whirl in the wind.  They land on my windows and catch in sticky spider's webs.  Leaves pile along my roof, on my steps, and in my flowers.  They dance around and crunch under my feet as I walk through the yard. I love them! 
 Being our first fall in this house, we were anxious to see what colors our trees would turn.  My vivid sugar maple turned a gorgeous golden color! Our dogwoods were cranberry red, but most of the leaves are off them already.
 Mr. Cozy took some great pictures under our maple in the front yard.  It's so pretty that pictures don't seem to do it justice!
Our neighborhood trees so lovely, and I have a great view from our bedroom window.  These were taken on a clear morning as the sun was starting to show it's face.
I put a simple grapevine wreath accented with a plaid ribbon on our lamp-post by the back door and patio.  I think things like this add a welcoming touch!
 Inside the house things remain warm and cozy on the mantle with my clock, candles and pumpkins! 
We've been sipping on a lot of hot spiced cider that I like to keep simmering away over the stove.  It's the perfect thing to have on hand when a loved one comes over for a visit or a special night just me and my husband!  Cinnamon and spice warms my heart.
I know these candles look kind of dangerous lit with the raffia around them, but I basically just lit them for the pictures. hehe 
I have the fireplace on most of the time now!  The mornings are just so chilly, and it's the perfect way to start the day.  I'm thankful we have a fireplace in our home!  That was one of those "must haves" when we were house hunting!
Little plump pumpkins and fall leaves decorate the mantle.  I really like having real pumpkins around!   I tried to be creative with how I used them here, like putting this one atop a candle stick instead of a candle.  I wanted this mantle to be unsymmetrical for a casual look, while the one in the dining room is more formal.
 Mom and I like using raffia to accent things in the fall.  We appreciate the natural element it adds.  I think of Autumn decor as being a little more rustic and unpretentious.  I will add more elegance to my dining table for Thanksgiving, though!
love this painting called "Aspens in the Fall".  It's by a local Kentucky artist, and I think it truly captures Autumn in the country ...old barn and all!  It had to be showcased on the mantle in front of the big mirror.  It's one of the first things you see when walking into our house from the side door.
Here I am with my Honey on our anniversary!  We were taking a drive to Bernheim Forest --with coffee in hand--which was alive with wildly vivid colors this time of year! 
He was so thoughtful to take me there for the first time on such a special day!  I always have the best time being with him, my Love and my best friend!
This is just a little bit of the beauty we were surrounded by there.
 I'm trying to get my Poppycock recipe posted to share with y'all today.  It's delicious and perfect for a hayride in the fall! 
I hope you all enjoy the beauty the Lord gives us this time of year, even in the smallest of ways!
(My friends on the East coast, I'm praying for your safety enduring Sandy!!!)
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Jen said...

Leslie~ I love how you describe things. Your Home is gorgeous with the leaves on the ground. I am the same way I want to see them swirling all around and hearing the crunch. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures. Blessings ~Jen

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful images, love the fall colored leaves on the trees.

Dianna Davis said...

Hi Leslie!

I just stumbled across you're great blog! Your house is SO lovely! We had some beautiful fall colors in Virginia, but I'm afraid once this storm blows through there won't be much left on the trees and I haven't even taken any pictures! Also, love the apple butter recipe. Think I will be trying it soon!

Dianna @ Virginia is for Lovers

Infuse With Liz said...

I love your home- it has a genuine cozy look to it! Your story about the leaves is sweet. We just cleaned ours last week because our weather changes so fast we might have snow before we know it! I enjoyed them while they came down and walked through them too! Your picture on the mantel is lovely! Your and your hubby are beautiful! Happy Anniversary!
My husband and I have often said we'd like to try living in Kentucky. We visited there some years ago and stayed at the Kentucy Race Horse Park. It's a very pretty state!

NanaNor's said...

Hi, You've made me miss my Silver Maple, Crepe Myrtle and Pistache trees in Ca. What lovely images you've shared with us today! I love your fall look(especially the clock) and the autumn colors in the trees are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your fall pictures are just stunning, Leslie! I don't like to rake right away, I enjoy the carpet the leaves make!

Looking forward to your recipe!


Custom Comforts said...

Your trees and fall decor are just beautiful!!! Our trees are done, so you must live somewhere a lot warmer than I do. Thanks for sharing your color with us as ours is gone with the wind and rain.

Anonymous said...

Loving your blog! I met you at your sister's wedding and her MIL recommended it. You inspired a fall decorating spree at my house. Happy Anniversary!

Coffee Mom said...

Just beautiful! The leaves are gorgeous! I miss those so! Thanks for posting! Wish we could sit and chat over a cup of hot cider!


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Jenniffer said...

Love your mantel, home, trees and joy of the fall season. There is just so much to enjoy! :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the colors of the trees, gorgeous. Your home and all of your decor is beautiful. So pretty. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hi there, so glad you stopped by my place so that I could find you. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your home! It is so pretty, and this style is a favorite of mine. Cozy too! Can't wait to check out some of your recipes. I love to cook :)

Denise said...

oh, what lovely photos. pretty glimpses of fall.