Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Morning Thoughts In My Nook....

Good Morning!
I've been awake since early this morning.  Some days when Mr. Cozy leaves for work--before I'm even out of bed!--it's hard for me to go back to sleep.  I usually just lay there as relax for a while longer.  As the bedroom gradually becomes a bit bright, usually by 6:45 or 7, I'll roll out of our comfy bed.  First thing I like to do is stretch, and open the shades in my "favorite window" in the bedroom.  This window is in the little sitting area part of our bedroom and overlooks the neighborhood.  Our bedroom is on the second floor.  I have yet to show you our bedroom.  It's not by any means the most updated part of the house, but I love it!
This morning I'm showing you some snapshots of my nook just as the sun came up.  It's the sitting room but somtimes I call it my nook or nook room.  This is where I happen to be right now, blogging.  I love this room in the's so peaceful.
I have made just a few changes since I posted on this room last.  Small changes, like this basket.  I found it at a yard sale with 2 large flower baskets that are in perfect condition.  Each one only 50 cents!!  In this one I have a pretty yellow checked water carafe with flowers on it.  A gift from my grandmother, and another gift from a friend of delicious Paris hot tea.  It was a housewarming gift--she's so thoughtful! 
I think this card is one of the prettiest I've ever seen!  It's from my beautiful--inside & out--sister for helping to throw her a Bridal Tea  that she had a couple of weeks ago!  I was taken back when I opened the envelope to see such a lovely card!  If only I really had that bouquet of roses....but the card does just fine!  Her words were so heartfelt and meant the world to me. :) 
 Love you, Sissy!
Here's one of the new baskets!  I have some books in here that I'd enjoy reading in this room.  The Downton Abbey one is mine! 
(Mr. Cozy surprised me with this, the first two seasons and a cd of the soundtrack!  I'm in Heaven!  He's just the best husband to me!!)
The other books are on tea and tea parties.  I checked these out from the library, and they've been delightful to read.  I always want some new inspiration for luncheons and showers, and there are some good recipes in them.  So glad I have a library card, and it's so close that I can walk there!
My desk where I'm trying to get things organized.  Now that I'm not working, it's much easier to keep everything in order at home!!  I have no excuse not to anymore!  I have all my stationary, pads of paper, lavender hand lotion, coupons and I keep the laptop charged here.  This is where do things like write letters/cards, business with worship team music, and write out my grocery list.   
I've been using this for years to keep cards on!  I love displaying cards that I get in the mail and from loved ones.  I think they're pretty, and it keeps me thinking about those sweet people in my life!  I'm a big snail-mail fan!
Well friends, here I am, slowly waking up with my coffee. God is good!
Oh, I can't forget to tell you....
I'm still in complete bliss over a discovery of the very best food ever-- that I've eaten in my life! The Original Impellizzeri's Pizza in Louisville has some amazing pizza (homemade Italian sausage, lots of cheese, etc.), but last night we found The Best. guilty pleasure. that exists. 
Their breadsticks!!!!!!
Not just any ole breadstick,  but they are completely homemade, enormous, so soft and chewy, seasoned with lots of parmesan, and literally swimming in a pool of garlic butter!!!!  I'm not kidding here.
I was a very bad girl last night.  I can't believe I ate those sinful things!  Okay, very likely they are the best thing I ever ate!!!  So. I'm having a salad for lunch.  Or maybe just some carrot sticks. 
Have a blessed day!
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Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

I love your little nook. I love saving cards too, in fact, some that I have received haven been framed and matted.

Hey, I go on food binges sometimes too! Mthe nest day, I just go back in being a good girl. Have a great week.

Kris said...

What a lovely room! I would love to wake up there too. I love the sunlight that streams through there. I wish I had a sitting room in our bedroom. But I do have a lovely private patio right off the bedroom where we often sit and enjoy the evenings.
Have a lovely day!
XO Kris

Leslie said...

Thank you, Kris! Your patio sounds lovely! This sitting room is actually not the one I was talking about being in my bedroom. I think the way I said that was confusing. I've never thought about it, but I guess I have two "sitting areas" to enjoy. Once I get my coffee, I usually come down to this one and relax while I'm (still) waking up!

Carol said...

Your bedroom sitting area is so cozy! What a wonderful space to start your day!


Eileen said...

What a lovely space! And so full of pretty things. I have that Downton Abbey book and the Victoria book, too. :)

Coffee Mom said...

Everything is absolutely lovely and peaceful, but the breadstick thing made me smile - we used to have a place in town with garlic knots like those - swimming in butter and so soft, hot, and delicious! :)

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Leslie,
What a sweet post..full of your favorite things. A special place to call your own.
I love to lounge in the morning with my cup of coffee too.
Your toes are so pretty :) I dare not show you my toes...I am in need of medi pedi..LOL
Have as sweet day, Elizabeth

laurie said...

What a wonderful place for your comfy!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I love your sun-infused noon. What a pleasant place to spend a morning surrounded by some of your favorite things. I love snail-mail, but I hardly ever receive any, or send any! I know what you mean. I am not working outside the home right now and it is so much easier to keep things up. Joni

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Your nook looks like a dream come true! So peaceful and inviting. Love the glow of your crystal lamp. Looks like such a happy place to be!