Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Come Stay a While!

So glad you can come and stay for a while!  Welcome to your room!...
As we step inside the small guest bedroom, you'll notice the white chest Mr. Cozy and I "created".  We bought an old, plain wooden chest of drawers from an antique store that we decided to paint and distress.  It's just right for the small room!  Where it was lacking in appearance, I knew it would make up in size.  It's petite frame fits perfectly in the room.  There are several drawers for our overnight you!

We used about 3 coats of satin paint.  Once it was white, we both took sanding blocks and went at it!  Mr. Cozy was the best at this part.  He was creative in knowing to look for the already worn parts of the wood and play them up by distressing where it was naturally distressed already! 

I think the hardware is charming! 

There is something about an antique or vintage piece of furniture that draws me in more than a new one.
I haven't completely figured out what to keep on the top of the chest, but it won't be much.  I want to leave guests with some space to sit their belongings on.

We painted the room Valspar Summer Cottage.  It's difficult to get a true color from the picture of a regular camera like mine, but take my word for it when I say it's a beautiful serene color!!  Pale blue with just the slightest tone of green.  Mom says it looks like antique blue.  Thank you, Mom! 

I hope this room feels like a cozy Bed and Breakfast with all the warm woods and soft quilts around.  You all know I love history and the charm of a by-gone era. 
The quilt that covers the bed is one my Granny gave me years ago. It's a double wedding band pattern, which I find so romantic. I've paired it up with white eyelet shams and bed skirt. I love eyelet! I think it's beautifully reminiscent of a simpler time.

This gorgeous headboard is a new addition to the house!  Mr. Cozy made this with his Pa from reclaimed barn wood they pulled off of Nana and Pa's old barn!  You wouldn't believe how old this wood looked when they first pulled it off.  He worked so hard to plane it, cut every plank just right, and stain it to create this stunning headboard for me!!! 
 I'm so proud of this because it was made by my Love's hands.  It means so much to us, because it was a project with his beloved Pa, who is a carpenter by trade.

I think it really makes the room!  The rich walnut wood jumps off the pale blue walls.  It looks like an antique bed that perhaps Laura Ingalls or Jo March would have slept in. :)
Of course you have a soft rug for your footsies when you get out of bed in the morning!  Frosty winter mornings can be chilly on wood floors.
This dry sink is a find of ours when we went to Versailles, Ky. a few years ago.  We got it at an antique store, and I really love this piece!  I've also used in my kitchen for extra storage.  It's just a great versatile piece of furniture.
The lamp is new from Home Goods.  I have an antique bowl my Grandmother gave me--which I'm proud of--sitting upon a Eurpoean lace pillow cover that I received as part of a wedding gift.

 The bouquet of dried roses was one I carried in a friend's wedding a few years ago.  They dried too pretty not to use!  I think this vignette is rather feminine and lovely.

Here's the wash bowl I was telling you about.  It has a rose pattern on it, and it's lined in gold.  Quite Victorian looking!

I tried to get a good picture of the bottom.  I think it says "Wood & Sons" England.
A pretty print I've had for years hangs on one of the walls.  I flanked it with two sweet plates that I've picked up along the way.
This one is my new favorite.  I just bought it at --gasp! an antique store, I'm full of surprises--in Glendale, Ky.  It's delicate pattern drew me in and the pale wash of colors are breath taking.  The back says "France", and has a French name on it. I should have taken a picture!  It's clearly an old piece.
Here's the view from the bed when you wake up in the morning.  Out the window you'll notice a picket fence with a canopy of trees hanging over.  I think it's a nice view.
(Underneath the window looks a little disheveled in this picture!)
  The flower arrangement is sort of stuffed in the corner here.  I like the luggage rack I found, and underneath is I keep a basket of books with a devotional for my guests to read. 
I want to find some curtains to soften the windows and make it a little darker in the room for sleep.  Maybe just some soft cotton-y shears??  Not sure yet.

As you walk in and to the wall at the right, beside the closet, I hung a simple shelf.  It's nice to have some pegs to keep a purse or jacket hung on.  Mr. Cozy usually hangs his white coat here.
I love this lantern Mom gave me!  I'll probably move it into the living room in the fall and winter.  I wish I had more of them!
I promise I didn't do anything at all special or change anything for this post!  I simply saw how pretty the morning light was coming through the windows a few days ago and decided to snap some pictures. 
Actually, it's not uncommon when my guest come for me to have a tray on the bed filled with things such as rolled up washcloths with magazines and chocolates or a welcome note.  I want y'all to feel more than welcome in my home!!!
Once again, Thank You, for coming over for a visit!  I humbly share my home with you.  There are no bragging rights here or thinking anything about my home is better than anyone else's!!  Please remember that anytime I share with you.  I am inspired by so many beautiful blogs out there, and I have a mom that's really into decorating herself.  I think it's rubbed off onto me! 
My style may be abnormal for a 20-something, in that I love and appreciate older things.  I like to tie in new things of course, but I don't have a particular "style" in my home.  I just want things around me that I like, make me happy, and my home cozy and welcoming to others.  I like an abundance of texture and family photos in every room!  A lived-in home is a well-loved home for me!

That was the nickel tour!  Please come back and visit us anytime! 
God bless your day,

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Crystelle Boutique said...

The petite dresser is PERFECT!
How lucky are your guests to stay in such comfort. even a place for their suitcase....
I know a LOT of people who would appreciate that! Those who are used to staying in hotels...
Also: I must add: the sign on the door is my favorite, and I am going to pin it right now...

Have a terrific day!


My Cozy Casita said...

Hi Leslie, thank you so much for your nice comments on my blog.
your guests room it so cozy all decoration are so beautiful.

Kris said...


Jane said...

What a wonderful, cozy and pretty guest room. Great job!

Unknown said...

Just joined your lovely blog, so cozy! Love your style and I am coping some receipes. I am off to look around some more! Hugs, Lynn

Tina Butler said...

Oh goodness I love it and I would love to stay in your guest room. The dresser is darling and so is everything else. Great job and beautiful photos.

Tazas y Cuentos said...

Oh! Gorgeous room! The chest of drawers, the headboard...and I'm totally in love with that wash bowl, I "need" one now...haha.
Besos from Argentina and thanks for your visit! Silvina

The Long Awaited Home said...

I'm a follower now. Just love this room, it really does have that Bed & Breakfast feel you were looking for. I would just love to come & stay here! The headboard is fabulous and you did a great job distressing the dresser.


Life on Lemon Lane said...

You did a wonderful job putting this room together. It is pretty and cozy at the same time and that can be hard to do. I love the distressed dresser and your grandmothers quilt. So much eye candy but not cluttered at all. I would love to stay in such a sweet welcoming room. Patty

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

I love the room. The wall color is just perfect and the tall chest is so sweet. All of the little extras make it a charming spot for guests to lay their heads.