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Decadent Triple Threat Chocolate Bars!

I'm thrilled because thanks to you all I've reached 200 followers!!!  I can't believe my blog is so well liked! :) I started this blog out of shear love for recipes, food, cooking and was inspired by a dear friend and the sweet movie Julie & Julia. 

It was started at a time in my life when I needed an outlet.  It was during the most difficult time of my life.  Some of you may not have known that I was pregnant with a sweet baby girl, Bailey Faith, after 3 years of trying to conceive. She quietly died during my 2nd trimester.  Her short existence in my womb impacted me more than anything in my life, and even now just knowing we have a beloved child in Heaven that I'll meet one day brings me joy!  God is sovereign and knowing that is what has gotten us through.  We trust His plan.   Through this trial there have been countless ups and downs, but the heart of our marriage has actually been strengthened! 

Because of the Lord, I survived something I thought I could never endure.  I am very serious when I say that Jesus Christ literally carried us through those days, and the months that followed.  His strength was perfect when our strength was shaken and some days, gone! (2 Corinthians 12:9)

I could share and share with you all about this journey we're still walking with the Lord in.  But for now, I just said all of that to explain that I needed something new and fun to put my thoughts into after such a tragedy and while my husband was in Med school.  God ultimately gave me this great idea of a cooking blog!! 

I never realized how many people whom I didn't know would read it and care to follow up on my life!  This has been a fun way to explore new recipes, share my favorites and "meet" new people from all over the world!  Who knew food could be such an incredible connection to different generations and cultures!

So thank you for following me in my life as I share with you from The Cozy Little Kitchen!

(Disclaimer: You are about to happen upon lots of exclamation points in this post.)

You know how sometimes you want a really good semi-homemade dessert recipe? One that's looks impressive but is actually easy to make? Alas! this is the recipe, and it's crazy-good!!!   These decadent chocolate-y bars of goodness are very easy to make!  Mr. Cozy is the one who found this idea and ran with it.  (He loves chocolate as much as I do!)
We decided to make these in a muffin tin, because we took them to cell group (our church's home group) and thought they would be so cute and easy to eat this way.  They were perfect for the adults and kids to easily grab and eat up!!  I think the empty basket said that they were a hit! 

They're a layered bar starting with a chocolate chip cookie crust with chocolate-creme cookies in the middle and topped off with a layer of milk chocolate chip brownie!  You get three of some of the best things put into one dessert!

I mean they are goooood!!!

Yes ma'am!....I said milk chocolate dotted brownie batter, layered over chocolate-creme cookies, layered over chocolate chip cookie dough!

  These insist at the very least frosty milk or steamy coffee and at the most.....made into a sundae topped with ice cream and chocolate syrup and whipped cream!  What a fun dessert to eat with your loved ones! Gooey, crumbly, melty, sweet, chocolate-y, buttery,delicious and easy Triple Threat Chocolate Bars!  I hope you'll try them for your loved ones!

Decadent Triple Threat Chocolate Bars
Serves 24

1 Family-sized Box  (to fit 13x9 pan) Brownie Mix
(Prepare batter as the box instructs, but do not bake! I usually add about 4 oz of chocolate syrup to box mixes if it's not included for extra fudgey brownies...didn't have any at home for this round unfortunately.)

Double Stuffed Creme Filled Cookies
(We used Oreos)

2 Rolls of Refrigerated Cookie Dough
(We used Toll House and used about 1 1/2 of the rolls)

1 Heaping Hand full of Milk Chocolate Chips
(We used Ghiradelli)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Line 2 muffin tins with cupcake papers.

Take about 2 tablespoons of cookie dough (or 1/3 inch slices of rolled cookie dough)and press into the bottom of the cup. Should fill cups to about 1/3 to 1/2 of muffin tin

Next, place one creme-filled chocolate cookie on top of the cookie dough. 

Lastly, spoon brownie batter evenly over each cookie in every cup until you run out of batter.Will be ~1-2 tablespoons batter into each muffin tin.

Sprinkle milk chocolate chips all over the top of the brownie batter.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until edges are set and center is still a bit gooey.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes, remove from the pan.

Peel off cupcake papers to show of the pretty layers if you want.

Eat them while they're still warm and gooey! 

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Patty@Lemon Lane Cottage said...

You had me at ooey, gooey but went way over the top when you added the ice cream. Definitely in my near future with a large glass of milk!

Nela said...

Wow, these look amazing Leslie! :9 I made something similar to this, only it was in bar form. :)

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh these are to die for. They look so rich and yummy full of chocolate.

Jennifer said...

oh my goodness! we will surely have to try these when I get home from our weekend trip! Ingredients going on my next shopping list!

By the way, the Lord is good, isn't He? To just comfort and be with us, that is something that none of us deserve!

Kathleen said...

These look ah-mazing!

Carole said...

I can feel my hips expanding just looking at this! Great post. I found you via the Tuesday Talent Show from Chef in Training
I have linked a pizza I did with leftover roast chicken. Have a good week.

elizabeth said...

These look deadly good!

I loved this look into your life and walk with Jesus. I am so sorry for your loss. We went though that ourselves and three times our oldest daughter did. She has two cute as can be girls now.

Do try the burrito bowl recipe. So easy and good!

Angela said...

These look amazing! I can tell your site will be a little dangerous for a mommy trying to lose weight! Thank you for stopping by @ dailydoseofdelight. :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This looks delicious. I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu

Cindy Riggs said...

YUM! I need to make these. My grandchildren would go crazy. Thank you so much for posting these. Stop by again and lets have a cup of tea. Cindy