Monday, March 28, 2011

New Dishes

   A sweet friend that I work with offered me two sets of china for a price I couldn't refuse!  The first set is  Johann Haviland from Bavaria.  There isn't a name to this particular set on the dishes.  The second is Farberware "Sydney Rose."  They are both so pretty and Victorian.  I played around with a couple of table settings for Spring...

      (While I'm showing you around my table, I might as well fill you in on my growing dish collections.)

If you can't already tell, I am quite the girly-girl who is very detail oriented.  
I think the detail of these sweet, cornflower blue flowers on a platinum lined fluted edge is exquisite!

I love having different sets of mugs for different drinks and occasions, which include my winter coffee mugs, hot chocolate mugs, wassail mugs and assorted spring coffee mugs!  Now, I have more tea cup and saucers...Yay!  

I have a relatively inexpensive but pretty, French Provencial style set of dishes we got for our wedding, which is the only set of  everyday dishes I have.  I love them and they are the "work horse" of my table, for they have seen many meals and cycles through the dishwasher! 

I have an absolutely beautiful set of  Noritake "White Palace" china that I registered for and really love, but since we don't have a china cabinet right now I'm afraid to keep them out in the cabinets with everything else.  So, unfortunately they stay in boxes in my kitchen. :(  One of these days, they will be beautiful to display!

Don't you think these tea cups are dainty? 

I am gradually getting my beautiful Johnson Brothers Christmas dishes here and there, as I find them.  (You can see one,  holding some yummy Sticky Buns.)  I am in love with the detailed, old fashioned pattern they have.  I love anything that looks like it could have come from my great grandmother's kitchen! 

I love the way these tablecloths look together.  Both so detailed and pretty, especially with my new china!  How perfect for a garden party or shower!

These sprigs came from another arrangement in the house, but I thought they would add a pretty garden look on the table!  I also like the contrast of the distressed black flower stand on the bright white table cloth.  Just kinda fun to play with decor!  

Here is the Sydney Rose.  What a pretty Victorian looking print on a more modern shaped plate and tea cup and saucer. 

I softened the tablecloth by gathering it more for a romantic touch.  I also added my new tulip arrangement Mom gave me!

I think this table setting is ready for a girl's luncheon...or even Easter dinner!

I've already used these cup and saucers.  Mom liked that they are a little larger than traditional china and had a smooth round shape, and my husband liked that they were easier to hold.  I guess his hands are a lot larger than mine, so he appreciates things like that!  

I love these colors and textures together!

I'm so thankful for my new dishes, and it was fun to do these table-scapes!  As you know cooking is my thing, but I also enjoy showing you a little more into the life of my kitchen with posts like this one!

Happy Spring!!!