Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cannolis Delivered with Love!

     The chocolate chip mini cannoli from The Fresh Market is one of my favorite desserts ever, and my husband knew that whenever he came home, from a long trip out of town, and surprised me with three of them!!  Did I mention that he's the very best?  6 years of marriage and he keeps the sweet surprises coming!

     Although I did not make this...I did enjoy every. single. bite!  I think these cute little pastries are inspiring me to do a cannoli twist on on something, like a cupcake or trifle.  How good does that sound??  Some kind of dessert that has the same sweetened ricotta or even marscapone cheese and a cinnamon-y sugar pastry-esque comination, plus some yummy fillers like chocolate chips or lemon zest....Hmmmm, I need to get on that!

     Don't worry Friends, the cooking blogs are coming back very soon!  Unfortunately, I've just been too busy to do much cooking lately, :( although I am coming up with some new ideas of things to whip up!  A friend just gave me a really good recipe for mango curry, and I'm thrilled to try my hand at it soon.  (Yes I love Thai food, but have never cooked it.)  So you can look forward to that and couple of strawberry dishes, too.

     As you know I've been trying to reorganize my kitchen for spring, and just today I bought two (new to me) sets of china!  They are both quite pretty and will be beautiful to set my table with!  One has a Victorian looking rose pattern and the other has a very delicate, powder blue-gray flower design that ever so gracefully danced around the dishes.  I'm thinking pictures should follow soon!

     In the mean time I will enjoy this time with my husband, the new found sunshine, and I look forward to sharing my next recipe with you!


     Oooooo!  I almost forgot to share with you the lobster mac n cheese he also brought home to me!  Ah-mazingly delicious!  I said he was the best ;o)

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