Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Story the Lord is Unfolding...

What a ride I've been on since I last wrote here in September when we made our adoption announcement!  

We have been crazy- busy with life changes and adjustments from this time last year. In all honesty, I'm just now catching my breath from all the blessings the Lord has given us, all the answers to prayer and all. the. kids. to feed.  

I've almost gotten back on this blogging horse a dozen times in the past few months but something always seems to get in the way.  One of my reasons has been that I haven't been able to download photos onto the computer so I don't have any recent pictures to share. (For now anyways.) I'm determined to fix this problem because I'm such a visual person! It's a poor excuse not to meet up with you on here after so long, but today I didn't care!  

I just decided to begin typing. :)

Also I've been thinking, in the day and age of Instagram and "Inst-sharing" everything we do and wear and eat and read and places we go and see I've almost "written off" blogging as a whole.  That sounds so sad, but I'm being honest about my thought process.  Why blog when you can just pop up in an Instastory and immediately share your mind as you experience something or as the thought is taking shape.  As interesting as those are to watch I don't know if I will ever feel comfortable at primarily sharing my life with you via video.  Call me old fashioned ( I know I am) but I want to be mindful of what it is I say and share and I tend to ramble famously when I'm in front of a camera. I love Instagram most days, but there's a depth that I appreciate when I read a curated blog that I know somebody's hands thoughtfully developed.  

Mind you, I want to be completely authentic and genuine in what I share!  I love beautiful photos and I love everyday ones.  There's no need to have another picture-perfect looking life put out there when there's so much more victory in a life that is real and messy but that God is working in for His glory!

I've decided to do my best with this blogging thing I love so much, even with 3 little mouths to feed now... yes, I said three!!!... more to come on that!....

I'm here because there's been too many praises to God not to be here and tell you about them!

I'm here because I've missed YOU. The friends I've made over the years through The Cozy Little Kitchen!  

I'm here to continue with my story the Lord is unfolding.

My story of adoption and redemption and parenting and marriage and delicious baking and homemaking and worship music and the grace of Jesus Christ!  

This journey of my ordinary and sometimes challenging yet gloriously good, good life continues here at The Cozy Little Kitchen!

I hope you will come back with a delicious drink to sip on, and join me here as I begin to share more about my year of God opening the floodgates of faithfulness and the continued tale of my home and family!!!


Tara Lee said...

Thank you for posting! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading about what has been going on! I have missed your posts!

Kathy said...

I have missed your blog, Leslie. Just tonight I decided to pop in and see if you had written anything. And here you are! Now I have to read your other two posts to see what is going on.