Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Perfect Fall Day

I'm soaking it in...
It's one of those rare perfect days at my house.

Firstly, my husband is off work today!  We went out with our daughter for breakfast at a locally favorite place and to a quaint downtown shop after dropping our son at school!  Now I'm simmering a big pot of hearty sweet and spicy chili that's full of stew meat, sweet potatoes and other delicious flavors. 

I just put a pan of amazing peanut butter chocolate bars in the oven, and a fresh pot of coffee brews while I'm blogging, and Mr. Cozy is working on installing a new door in our sunroom. 

Today I can honestly say that life is good....but I can always say that God is so gracious!!!

Our home is fully fall decorated around here, and I realized I haven't shown you many pictures of the new house.  So I thought I would snap a couple casual pictures of my dining room area since the apple cider candle is lit, the afternoon sun is starting to stream in, and it just looks so warm and cozy!!

We bought a beautifully rustic farm table and chairs with this great bench.  It's actually a church pew that reads "FEAST", which is just perfect for this spot!  I really am into the farmhouse style.  Yes, I know it's very trendy right now, but being from the country and living back in rural Ky. I find it quite fitting!

You remember the original 1945 shutters we found and repainted at our cape cod cottage?  I had them behind our sofa leaning against the wall in that house.  Well, they've found a new home on either side of our dining window, and I love the way they turned out!  Mr. Cozy hung them up to finish off the look I wanted.  They would be dreamy with a couple small wreaths hanging down them at Christmas!

My hubby and I found this dark bronze chandelier at a wonderful lighting store in Louisville and he installed it here. 

He is just wonderful like that!  He has already installed 5 new light fixtures here!

Our dining area is informal in that it's not it it's own room, but it's open to the living room. 

I love a formal dining room, but this layout is just right for the season of life we're in with small kids.  Not to mention it's in the room with a fireplace, which will be delightful to dine close to the fire on cold winter nights!  It's also wonderful when we have a bunch of people over to flow in and out of the rooms easily.  One could be playing the piano, another cooking and a few others still grazing on food here and in the kitchen, but we can all still enjoy each other's company!  

We bought this hutch with our dining table.  It's gray and inside the back has rustic wooden boards lining it.  There are 6 drawers for linens and other table goodies, but for now I'm enjoying displaying some of my favorite things on the shelves. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to keep the décor on it like it is, but I don't need to get too attached to anything just before Christmas.  Because anyone who knows me when knows everything changes in the Christmas season around here!

guess this is where my very short tour comes to an end for now. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a bit more of the new house that we have come to really love!  I hope to see you here again soon with the amazing peanut butter chocolate bar recipe.

Til then,

~The Country Mouse 


Miss Amanda said...

I love the table and the whole decor you have going! Beautiful! And my kind of cozy!

Leslie said...

Thank you, Amanda! I am still figuring my decor out in the new house, but I'm inspired by farmhouse style and I love watching Fixer Upper. :) I hope you'll come back to visit soon!!

elizabeth said...

I'm loving these peeks into your new home!

Phoebes World said...

Your room looks absolutely warm and cosy
Thank you for sharing
Phoebe x

Unknown said...

I really like your Rustic Farm Table and chairs! Anything country is just what I'm drawn to. The cornbread muffins look delicious too. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your new home - so warm and inviting!

laurie said...

What gorgeous table! Beautiful!!!