Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quiet Morning

My morning views over coffee are gorgeous in our new home.  It's times like this I don't want summer to end, so I can slip outside without bundling up. But you all know me, and I can find joys in every season!

The flowers are still beautiful here and the grass green, but I can tell the trees are beginning to show signs of fall being around the corner.

We have so many butterflies and hummingbirds coming by to enjoy our flowers, even as I write.

Our sweet ones are in school, so I just wanted to share with you what a lazy morning around here looks like. 

It's usually me sitting (with a yummy drink) on one of our patios soaking in God's beauty and the peaceful sounds that come with it.  If only for a few minutes I enjoy this time when I can!  

I also tend to hear God best when I take some time to just get quiet.

Looks like I just need someone to join me!

Y'all have a blessed day and take the time to savor the last of our summer season!


Unknown said...

Oh, that looks beautiful Leslie. I too sense so much more of God when I'm in His creation & allow the time & space to just be with him. I enjoy following your blog, and can so identify with your love for the Lord, nature, food, family and being an 'old soul'.
It's so nice to see a few pics of your new home.
Blessings to you and your family from Australia. Julia
P.s. I have cooked your baked oatmeal cups so many times (but in a pan, which I cut into (large) squares, freeze, and then thaw out on cold mornings and add milk & fruit), and also really love your corn fritters. Yum! Looking forward to trying some more recipes :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Julia! I'm thrilled to hear you've not only made the oatmeal cups, but made them your own! What a good idea to add milk and fruit to them, so I'll have to try that out next time I make a batch. :) Hope you'll pop in for another visit soon!