Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Coffee with Foam

Last night a dear friend --one who seems to always radiate the love of Jesus in a very authentic way (thank God for friends like that, right!?) -- was gracious enough to watch our children for a couple hours while Mr. Cozy and I went on a date!

It was Heavenly!

As wonderful and amazing it is to be a mommy to my precious children, my hubby and I needed some alone time.  A time to recharge, go out together, and be able to focus solely on the company of each other!  I LOVE being with my husband, although sadly that doesn't seem like a popular opinion among young couples these days.

We went to a restaurant that isn't just a family place, but one we've enjoyed for date nights over the past several years!

It's a local, authentic Cuban/Spanish place called Mojitos!  We love ordering tapas there!!  Tapas is just a series of small plates/ appetizer sized dishes that they bring out one by one.  It's delicious and lots of fun!

We had the guacamole with plantain chips which is very popular there, queso fundido which is basically a hot dish of melted cheese served with homemade bread from a local bakery (Blue Dog).  For the hearty plates we ordered a flatbread piled with short ribs, blue cheese, arugula and spouts...yum!  Finally, a small steak with a yummy sauce served on a mound of smooth mashed potatoes with a nest of sweet potato strings on top.

We ate well!!!  It was a splurge, but perfect for our date.

We ended the meal with a cup of their delicious rich espresso with milk and lots of foam.  Possibly the best coffee drink ever!!  Honest. It's simplicity lets you taste just how delicious the coffee is!!  I wanted 2 more cups!

So later after the kids were in bed, I decided to use my strong decaf coffee and replicate the drink.  I have a little handheld frothier and enjoy making drinks complete with foam!  What a treat. :)

So on this chilly morning, I decided to add some foam and cinnamon to my morning cup, and what a good idea!  Somehow it feels more decadent without it being bad for me.  I froth skim milk, but it really adds to a plain cup of coffee ( unless you want to be really bad and top it with whipped cream!!).  

If you don't have a frothier, use a small whisk to briskly whisk warm milk and it will create some foam.  Scrape the foam off the top of the milk and place atop your coffee.

So here I am, snuggled under my blanket as I hear my tots wake up.  I started my day very slowly, but it's about to pick up!

Enjoy this gorgeous weather God has given us.  Happy Saturday!!


Breahn said...
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Lois' Laughlines said...

Sounds wonderful. I am happy to hear that you and hubby are taking time for each other.
Blessings to you all.


What a sweet post! I'm so glad you young couple can do this for marriage bonding. We were so good at this getting aways from chores and children when we were Young too. I also love Cuban food and coffee, so I'm gonna try your idea for the frothy coffee...any minute now, lol.. Oh...we still go out and sometimes with other couples and it's so much fun! Enjoy the weekend.

elizabeth said...

So happy that you and your hubby got to have a night out. The coffee looks amazing!

Shiloh Barkley said...

First, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. The email that let me know someone commented went to my junk mail and I didn't know you did until just now.

Second, breaks my heart reading the first few lines of your blog. My brother-in-law's name is Heath and at this very second he's dying from colon cancer. May be today or the next week, but soon. So glad to hear another Heath out there having a great life and a great wife!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

What a delicious and special way to begin the morning! I have never tried this but sure will. The thought of using a frothier sounds so fun :) Much better than a simple whisk!