Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Candy Cane Bark

                                           Merry Christmas!!!
     It's not Christmas at my family's house without (peppermint) candy cane bark!  Mom has been making this easy and divinely sweet candy since I can remember.  As a child, I would make it with her and we'd eat it along the way!  I loved to help her break the bark apart once it had cooled.  (It's quite fun to make!)

If you haven't had it before, it's basically crushed candy cane in creamy white chocolate.  Yes, I said easy.The bright flavor of the peppermint candy cane and the rich white chocolate is a simply perfect combination.  It actually looks beautiful with the pinkish red bits of candy cane throughout the ivory chocolate bark. This is the perfect treat to put in a pretty Christmas tin and give to a friend, teacher or neighbor not only for the taste, but because it stores and travels very well.  It will actually stay fresh for 2-3 weeks!  What a perfect treat to have around and nibble on with coffee or drop into your mug of hot chocolate for a special Christmas twist!  I had to post this recipe to share with you our tradition, and let you know that not all candy is difficult to make.  Happy candy making! (Oooo! If you like this recipe, you'll love my Toasted Pecan Turtles!)

Christmas Candy Cane Bark
1 pkg. white candy bark
1 cup white chocolate chips
6-8 candy canes (as much peppermint as you like)
Using a sharp knife, break up the white candy bark so you won't have trouble melting it.  Put in a glass bowl, and microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in each time, until almost melted all the way.  Add the white chocolate chips and stir well.  Then put back in the microwave for 30 seconds, take out and stir until very smooth and creamy.Crush your candy canes by placing in a heavy duty freezer bag and I usually using a rolling pan to crush the candy cane into both large and fine bits.  This takes a little effort, but well worth it!  Once crushed, stir in most of the crushed candy into the melted chocolate, leaving about 3 Tbsp.  Once it's all well incorporated, pour it onto a sheet pan covered in aluminum foil and spread out.  Take the remaining crushed candy cane and sprinkle over the top.  Pop into the fridge for about 15 minutes, or until set.  It will easily peel off the aluminum foil, and then have fun randomly breaking it up!  You want it to look like "bark".  Store in a storage bag or tin.  Enjoy!

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