Monday, April 2, 2012

Beginning of A New Life!

Here are some pictures of my luscious, fresh strawberry bread I made!  Well, unfortunately with all the chaos and excitement in the move, I lost the recipe to it before I could copy it down here on a post!! :( 

Maybe these pictures will inspire you to find a delicious strawberry bread recipe to make for your family for a special breakfast or-- like I did--an afternoon snack with some tea or coffee!  This one was incredibly moist and I made an orange glaze over the top with just powdered sugar and orange juice.  Believe me when I say that it was all very yummy!! 

I had to throw little Peter Rabbit in this pictures since it's Easter week.  I love this holiday.  Jesus Christ did it all on the cross for us!!  I cannot go on enough how thankful I am that I serve Him!  He is a God of love and grace and He is my Healer and Redeemer!  I could go on and on.  I encourage you to go to church this week and truly soak in the message of Jesus dying on the cross for you and me and rising again.  My friends, it's much more powerful than just a holiday or a story!!! 

I'm excited to share that Mr. Cozy and I are in the moving process right now to go back to the city!  He is just about to finish the crazy-journey called medical school!  (applause and the crowd roars with excitement


Sorry, just a little happy about this.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :} :) :) :) :) :) :)

We're moving for him to complete his residency training.  We were thrilled to find out he got his #1 pick for residency! Mr. Cozy is looking forward to put all of this hard learning into action in the hospital and clinic.  Oh, I guess I should tell you that he's becoming a Pediatrician!  If you knew my hubby, you would know that this fits him so well;  he has always had a big heart for children!  I'm incredibly proud of him for all of this hard work he is putting in for me and our future family!  God has sustained both of us through the ups and downs of the last 4 years. Now we're ending this chapter called school.  I say "we" because it feels like a joint effort.  

Because now he will have an income with residency, not only with I not be the sole provider anymore, but --praise God--I don't have to work!!!  Anyone who knows me very well, knows that I'm a very home-oriented person...or what I like to call a Domestic Goddess!!  Doesn't that have a have pretty ring to it?  (Thanks, Nigella!)

I LOVE making a house, a home.  Not just cooking and baking, but also pouring love into meals for my husband.  I've always wanted to have a nice meal on the table after his long days at school/work.  Now I will have the time and energy to do so because I won't be tired after work (and cleaning and grocery shopping and more cleaning....) myself!

 Okay, call me Mrs. Cleaver, but this kind of stuff is important to me.  
I actually enjoy being domestic. 

There's so much I enjoy doing, I've always kind of thought, I don't seem to have time for my job!!?  I can't be the only one thinking this.  I know that it's a sacrifice financially to not have two incomes, but I've always imagined being the stay at home Mom that my own mom was.  This means a lot to me!

Also, I can feather my new nest all day! 
We are about to BUY OUR FIRST HOUSE!!!!!!
This is a huge thing for us.  We've dreamed all of our little 7 1/2 yrs. of marriage about buying a house and making it our own.  Now we're able to do that!  Yes, we are becoming real adults, Ha!  I know that come with responsibilities, but also privilege.  I feel so blessed that we're at a point in our lives where we're beginning to see some of the "fruit of our labor".  God is faithful!  Our married life has had a bit of a slower start with these milestones, but this is one we're about to hit!

 I'm also anxious to get back into church involvement and not just attendance.  Mr. Cozy will have very long days and weeks in residency.  (It will be extremely gruelling at times.)  So I'll have time to spend with my church family.  That may include worship (my passion!), ladies groups, or just be a help for anyone in need of a hot meal.  I will have the time to do these things now!!  I have other ideas of ways to share myself and fill my days, but there's time to chat about that later!

So, give me a couple of months and The Cozy Little Kitchen will be in full swing in the kitchen, around the house and garden!!!  I can't wait to show you all the little projects we tackle and my cozy decorating ideas! 
Thank you, Friends, for sticking with me during these times of sparse posts and few comments.  I miss being able to blog on a regular basis since all of this packing has started, but believe me when I say, to give me a little while and I'll be back with my Susie homemaker apron on!  Hehe. :)
Happy Easter!  He is Risen!!!