Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Tale of Two French Toasts

There once with a thoughtful husband who loved his wife so much he took her out for a special breakfast after getting home from a 13 hour overnight shift. 
She may have hinted around that she would like to go out to breakfast soon, because she loves the morning and good coffee and sharing that with her man!
On a chilly cloudy morning, they decided to jaunt a couple blocks over to The Meridian Cafe, where they've heard about so many delicious things! 
This charming cafe is located in an big historic house and is brimming with character and friendly service.  Their server proudly tells them that all the ingredients are locally bought and the food is all made from scratch! 
They choose to sit at a cozy two-top in one of the front rooms by the window.  There's a Gerber daisy in a vase on the table and quirky moo cow salt & pepper shakers for fun.  It's just drafty enough by the picture windows to make their hot coffee taste even better!
The Mrs. orders a half order of the "famous"  Heddie's French toast which is made with sweet brioche bread and is smothered in a fresh blueberry-basil sauce that is perfectly sweet and just enough bite of savory!  I (err... she) delightfully discovered it was topped with house made mascarpone cheese whipped and fluffed for a pillowy cloud atop the breakfast confection! 
The sleepy, but joyful Mr. got the half order of the Meagan's Way French toast, and she gave Heddie a run for her money!  Topped with Grand Marnier orange marmalade, whipped cream cheese and fresh maple syrup. 
Both French toasts came with a side of these homemade red skinned skillet potatoes that were not at all greasy but quite crispy and seasoned just right with spices and herbs.
 The breakfast was one of perfection!!!
Then, like the end to any good meal, the happy couple went home and took a nap.  Bliss.
The End! ;)
(As you know!)This story is about us... a couple married 8 1/2 years.  What made this morning so special wasn't the restaurant or the food, but the fact that after nearly a decade of marriage we make time in a bustling life for each other. 
The talking, the listening, the stories, the catching up, the holding hands, the winks, the silence, the laughter.  The places may change, but my view across the table never does and never will!
Make the time to cherish.  Say the words to show admiration and love.  Do not take for granted the one God has given you, but make a point to relentlessly love each other
Happy Valentines Day!
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Michelle said...

Very sweet story. You make a nice looking couple.

Breahn said...
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Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

What a sweet story. And....I'm hungry now. :) I think I need a breakfast date soon!

Life is Like Honey said...

What a beautiful story! I love mornings, breakfast, and coffee especially with my family!